What Are The Misconceptions Regarding Artificial Turf Melbourne


Now a day’s people wish to have artificial turf instead of maintaining natural grass with huge efforts. In public places like parks, gardens, and even in temples people prefer artificial turf because of its advantages over natural grass. Even it looks costlier at first; it may last for several years without high maintenance costs. But there are some myths over artificial grass that it is harmful to the environment, expensive, etc. All those myths are only due to unawareness and lack of knowledge about that. One of the most leading benefits of artificial grass is its cost-effectiveness and long-running capability. Let’s see what the myths are over artificial turf in Melbourne among people below.

Myth 1: Expensive Maintenance In Artificial Turf Melbourne:

Due to its long-lasting life and its advanced features, people think that it is expensive. But,

As there is no need to cut the weeds, maintaining the lawn for artificial grass is easier than natural grass. Removing large organic materials using a leaf blower is the only thing that should be made. If the tough debris is needed to be cleared, little water should be needed and this is the only part where we needed the source of water. Before installing the turf, the surface will be graded to eliminate water accumulation in ridge and groove levels. Tiny irrigation channels are set up under the turf to get rid of water pooling at low-level areas. This may help you maintain the grass more easily during rainy days. So there will be no water stagnation during rainy days and therefore the maintenance cost is very much low in artificial turf.

Myth 2Need more Attention:

There is a myth over artificial turf that it needs more attention throughout its lifetime. In contrast, natural grass needs constant attention and Artificial grass doesn’t need such attention. Diseases like Rhizoctonia which will affect the natural grass mostly will take your attention, time to make it recover from those diseases. It is a type of fungal disease that affects natural grass depending on the climate and weather changes. How you water your grass, the height of weeds and the climate will determine whether the grass will be affected by disease or not. But there is no such inconvenience in fake grass once installed.

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Myth3: Harmful to Environment

After installing the fake grass, no need to worry about its durability. It is designed with the features of resisting all kinds of climate and weather changes. Color doesn’t fade in any situation even during summer as its fiber is made to withstand any season. By this, we can say that it doesn’t need any chemical substance to protect it from changing weather conditions. High-quality fake grass can last for even 15-20 years. So the only thing we should check is whether it is free from pests and bugs. Real grasses need fertilizers and pesticides to stay green and fresh. But artificial grass doesn’t need such pesticides to look fresh and green. Because it is designed to manage sunlight as well as watery conditions without the need for any chemical manure. Avoiding fertilizers and pesticides is also a good thing for an eco-friendly environment. It reduces ground pollution as there are no fertilizers needed to maintain it.

Myth 4: Artificial Turf Melbourne consumes more water:

Another myth about artificial turf is that it creates muddy conditions in soil once we water the turf and it needs more water to maintain it. This is totally a wrong assumption because arid areas like North Africa, North and South America have insufficiently available water. So artificial grass plays a major role in arid zones where usage of water gets lower. Dogs love to play on this turf as it is mud-free and gives a better experience than natural grass. As there is no muddy condition in this turf, it is safe to allow children to play in the garden. It conserves water so that no wastage of water takes place to maintain it.

Finishing Up With Last Words:

There is no doubt that artificial turf in Melbourne is more beneficial than natural grass in both economically and eco-friendly. Are you still searching for artificial turf? We are the best turf providers with high quality at a lower price. The Auzzie Turf provides premium lush green, natural green, and classic green grasses with free installation charge.

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