Finding the right portable camping fridges


Camping trips and four-wheel-driving adventures were forever changed with the development of portable camping fridges. These nifty additions to your canopy or caravan set up are a must-have for keeping food fresh and drinks icy cold.

Over the years, portable fridges have been made in just about every different variety of style and utility you can imagine. So how do you begin finding the right camping fridge for you and your needs? Relax, because in this article we’ll guide you through everything you need to consider when shopping for a portable camping fridge.

Portable camping fridges – what to consider

Size Does Count

The first thing to consider is what size is right for you when it comes to a portable camping fridge. If you’re tempted to say “bigger is better”, we don’t blame you for thinking that way but it’s not always the case. Aside from the increase in price, you need to consider not just how much you want to store but also how big the fridge’s external dimensions are. You’ll need to have the space to house the fridge too. Keeping your fridge as small as possible is a smart way to make the most of your vehicle’s space whilst not compromising on what you need.

Would you like a freezer with that?

Most models of camping fridge come with just a fridge, but you do get combo-models that incorporate a freezer section as well. Additionally, some models are single zone meaning that a section is either a fridge or freezer, or dual-zone, meaning it can be a fridge or a freezer.

Who’s got the power?

Whilst portable camping fridges can be run off the starter battery of your vehicle you are risking a drained battery. That’s why auxiliary batteries are most certainly the key. Taking into account your budget and vehicle space for an additional battery is an important consideration when looking for your next portable fridge.

There are also options to invest in solar panels to help offer some extra power when you’re out and about in the sun. Alternatively, you can also go the battery charger or battery pack route. Remember that the size of your fridge and the model is also going to impact the amount of power that you need to run it.

Think about access

Fridge slides and drop-down fridge slides are really important accessories to consider if you’re installing a portable camping fridge in your vehicle. For fridges that open from the top, accessing your food or drinks when you need to can be difficult if there isn’t an in-built mechanism for sliding the fridge out and even dropping it to a more manageable height if necessary.

Money, money, money

Price is always a very important consideration. If you’re looking to fit out your four-wheel-drive or ute, you’re probably carefully budgeting for all the different accessories and hardware you need. Portable camping fridges can range in price from a few hundred dollars for a basic model with nothing fancy about them, all the way to thousands of dollars.

Peace of mind

If you’re dragging your portable fridge along with you on camping trips, chances are that it needs to be robust and durable enough to be up for the challenge. Of course, reputable brands and suppliers are more than capable of providing you with a compatible fridge for your adventure but not all warranties and maintenance terms and conditions are equal. Check any product you’re considering for the length and details of the warranty.

How about a fridge slide for your freezer?

Luckily, there’s no need to search far and wide to find the right variety of camping fridge slides for your consideration. Dunn and Watson is Australia’s leading online supplier of all things 4×4 accessories, products, hardware and even camping fridge slides . Plus, their team of camping experts are enthusiasts as well, so they’ll be more than happy to offer professional, customised advice.


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