What Are The Best Kitchen Tiles Melbourne For Your Home?


Want to renovate or build a new kitchen filled with enhanced look? Then choose the best place and buy the Kitchen tiles Melbourne in accordance with your infrastructure.

Planned to renovate your kitchen? Then it is essential to install the best and high-quality tiles on the kitchen floor and wall. Not all the tiles will suit this space, there are some good tile options there. When you choose the Kitchen tiles Melbourne, ensure to consider the things like tile installing place, determine the budget, your household style, and more. To get high-quality tiles, you have to go with reputable dealers who will provide you with great products at an affordable cost. Don’t forget to consider the things like durable, hard, water-resistant, and shrug off the stains that are the ideal qualities of kitchen flooring. Continue reading to know about some best kitchen tiles options for your home.

Ceramic Tiles

If you look for a high-quality kitchen tile at an affordable cost, then the ceramic tile is the apt choice for you. Most homeowners prefer ceramic tile as it’s also available in a wide range of patterns and colors. So, you can choose the design that will meet your expectations. Ceramic tile is easy to cut and install on the kitchen floors that make it a good choice for DIY renovation. This is available with both glazed and unglazed varieties that you will choose. You will install this on your kitchen floor and wall based on your taste.

Porcelain Kitchen Tiles Melbourne

The porcelain tiles have the sand added to the mixture and is made under the high temperature to produce it harder. It is an apt choice for kitchen areas as it is water-resistant. You can also use the porcelain tiles on your kitchen walls which will preserve the wall from any damage or leakages. As the tile is durable, it will be apt to be used in commercial kitchens and other high-stress atmospheres. This is low maintenance, so you can easily wipe off the stains that occur while preparing the food.

List Out The Various Types Of Tiles Melbourne For Renovate Your Place

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tile is nowadays popular for installing on kitchen flooring. It is a type of limestone that has a natural charm and rustic look. This is a high-end luxury material that comes with more unique patterns. Travertine tile will require little care to maintain, and it will last more years. But don’t forget to seal the floor immediately after installing the tile to avoid damages.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are one of the stone types that have an attractive natural beauty. While you install it on your kitchen floor, it will enhance the aesthetic of this area. It is a fascinating kitchen flooring material as it looks unique from other varieties. It also has an attractive aspect that will heighten up the look of your kitchen. This is strong, durable, standing up well in chips, scratches, and more.

Marble Tiles

If you look for tiles for a modern kitchen, then the marble tile is the apt choice that looks elegant. It is the best choice for ultra-luxurious where chic style is essential. The marble tile is also available with plenty of colors and patterns that are beneficial for you to design the kitchen based on your taste. This is highly polished and looks dazzling while turning on the lights. It is water-resistant and an expensive choice for your kitchen flooring.

Granite Tile

The granite tile is also a luxurious flooring option that will bring an upscale look. While you add in a matching granite top, it will accomplish a sophisticated appearance. It is one of the hardest natural stones that have more durability. Granite is stain-resistant that holds up well to heavy influences. This is ideal for the high-traffic kitchen space that gets more tears and wears.

Quartzite Tiles

The quartzite kitchen tile is one of the eye-catching choices that is popular for its shiny look. It is non-porous that will keep the bacteria out, so it will improve your kitchen floor hygiene. This is made of natural stone material that will resist scratches, cracking, and heavy impacts. It is cost-effective which will bring a luxurious aesthetic without spending more investment.

Sandstone Tile

Sandstone is a stunning kitchen tile option that looks classy, chic material, and also does not look overwhelmingly expensive. It is a great mix of modern and rustic design. Most of these tiles are in the same color as a natural sandstone that is mostly in red, gold, or brown. It has an impressive texture that will heighten up the appearance of your kitchen flooring. As it is rock-hard, this is more durable which is not easily cracked, scratched, or damaged. It is an outstanding and eco-friendly flooring tile option for your kitchen.

Final Thoughts 

Onyx tile, glass tile, pebble tile, cork tile, and more incredible Kitchen tiles Melbourne options are available there. At Auzzie tiles & bathroomware, you can get high-quality kitchen tiles with unique designs and colors. We provide you the best tiles at a reasonable cost which ensures for more years, and highlight your living space attractively.

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