How to Launch a Mobile App in 2020


In the modern era, life is getting easy day-to-day with the advancements of technology and is becoming more easier with the introduction of apps. However, the mobile app industry has become the fastest growing industry in 2020. So, if have got an idea of mobile app development. Awesome! But, launching an app isn’t easy. To develop an application, you must come with an idea and execute it properly. And of course, the mobile app development process requires a lot of hard work, time, and resources but the question arises where to start it and how to make your app a big success. This can make your app launching process simpler if done effectively. So, to avoid nagging at the last moment, here are some critical steps you need to consider to launch your mobile app successfully to the public.

Learn your audience

A successful mobile app knows its customers and their approach. Thus, you need to comprehend your end audience. It will be better if you can attract more types of customers. One thing should be kept in mind is that you have to satisfy people having more than one persona. It is recommended you set this as a primary parameter for your app.

Research your competition

If you think, you have built an app, and people will come. Then you are mistaken. To capture a market, you need to build your competitive analysis matrix as the mobile app market is fully-packed with more than 4M applications. And the competition is bitterly tough. So, to adapt your app in this cut-throat race, you must carry a competitive interpretation and thorough market research to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your app.

Build a dedicated landing page

To promote your app over the web, you need a perfect landing page for mobile devices and desktops. Equally, to leverage your social media efforts, create a simple landing page with a clear mission statement, powerful language, brand names, including success stories, top features of your app, its version and supporting information, etc.

Connect with influencers and bloggers

To get in-app engagement at first glance, use the power of influencer marketing to boost your app. Share your app story with top bloggers and enterprise thought leaders and make yourself accessible to answer all the queries. You may also utilize Youtube and Instagram, two of the most popular influencer marketing channels.

Pick an app store

To begin with the app launch, you have to pick any one app store. Primarily, there are two major app stores open, Apple and Android market store. And once your app is published in one app store, you can expand it further. But make sure your app fulfills all the app Emporium Review Guidelines and is bug-free.

Bottom lines

No matter how good your app is, if you fail to fix your intended customers’ values, opinions, and expectations, your all efforts will go in vain. Thus, to monetize your app it is crucial to stay prepared and flexible with the current mobile app launch strategy.

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