How to Store Methanol Safely In The Flammable Storage Cabinets!


So you have methanol around you! It comes to be useful in many industries like Fabric, Paint, Plywood, etc. In pure form, it is highly flammable and lethal with a flashpoint of around 12° C. Thus, one must take preventive measures to store this hazardous liquid. The law does require storing them appropriately in industrial settings. The one thing that comes must is to have the best flammable storage cabinet (Australia). Take this for example – So how to use these flammable storage cabinets to ensure the safety of everything around?

Tips on storing Methanol in a flammable storage cabinet!

Because Methanol has a flashpoint that remains under the normal room temperature, it must be stored in special containers and cabinets.

Use Metal Containers as the first point of containment!

All the liquids that hold a flashpoint below room temperature are prone to ignite if given a source of ignition. A flashpoint is a minimum temperature at which a liquid is apt of catching fire from an ignition source. This is why these liquids are always stored in metal containers. Why metal containers? Because static electricity can cause sparks that can lead to a fire. Metal containers provide a way to transfer the static charge to the ground. This, a plastic container is inapt of doing.

Furthermore, if you have too many containers then you may want to wind them using a metal wire and then ground them. Also, the metal containers must be properly labeled with clean and clear warnings to warn people about the content inside.

Make sure the containers are properly sealed!

Sealing the containers ensures that no fume gets away in the open air and catches fire if given the source. Thus, always make sure that the metal containers are properly sealed before keeping them back. Because you would not want to see the metal container rupture, always use containers that are capable of storing 10-20% more than their capacity. This will ensure that the container does not break if the liquid expands.

If you keep on opening the container, then have containers that can be resealed again and again.

Use the best flammable storage cabinet!

The Best flammable storage cabinet Australia will work as extra protection in cases of worry. These storage cabinets are required by the Australian law to have. When choosing a cabinet, make sure it holds the metal quality and has a grounding point and clamp. The cabinets should be fireproof too. Proper labels must be there on the cabinets.

Stay ready for emergencies!

You would not want to enter the tragedy taking place and then see what things you could have had to dissipate it. There must be things around to ensure that things holding potential for tragedy get caught far before they start their play. For this, here are few things you can have:

  • Infrared Combustion Detectors to detect the presence of combustible gas around.
  • Water or Mist sprinkler.
  • Carbon dioxide or monoxide detectors.
  • Fire fighting foam.
  • PPEs, rescue kits, shower stations, etc.

Follow proper disposal procedures!

Now, you would not want to dispose away Methanol ignorantly. It must be handled while wearing proper protective gears. Put the waste inside the metal container and seal it properly. Then put proper labels on the container telling warnings in clean language. Contact local authorities if needed.

These are some of the basic ways to handle Methanol. If you use the best flammable storage cabinet (Australia) then the chances of mishaps go way down. This is why we always suggest people to buy the best. Check for a consideration of what quality looks like. And never ignore these flammable liquids. They may cost you ten times more than the money spent on properly storing them.

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