Know all about Spill Kits


Liquid spills pose a serious health hazard, environmental hazard or might cause injury. To deal with all such spills effectively, you should have an emergency spill kit ready which is also called a spill containment kit. You could find the best spell kits Australia, spill station that offers various accessories and equipment that could protect, prevent and contain spills or hazardous chemical accidents. For more details, you could check out the website link provided:

Spill Kit Contents

To deal with various types of spills effectively and safely, an emergency spill kit is required. This would also include restaurants or caterers, auto repair shops, manufacturing units, warehouses and health care facilities. Spill kits could prevent falls and reduce exposure to hazardous wastes and body fluids.

A spill kit helps in cleaning out the liquid spills for safe and easy disposal. Some of them clean spills like oils, chemicals and bodily fluids while others clean up harmless liquids like water and beverages. Spill kits help in addressing all kinds of spills with ease.

A good spill containment kit would include:

  • Absorbent boom sock
  • Effective granular absorbent that can clean up spills with ease
  • Pillows and mats for drips and leaks
  • Good container for easy portability
  • PPE to keep people safe

Need for Emergency Spill Kit

It is good to have an emergency spill kit in stock as liquid spill accidents might happen anywhere at any time. Spill kits could be helpful during:

  • Floods that might damage homes and businesses
  • The ageing infrastructure where sewers might overflow during heavy rains
  • Plumbing that could cause overflows or leaks at homes
  • People who are sick enough to vomit

Oil Spill Kits

Hobbies like car restoration and DIY activities like repairing the cooling system of the car painting and minor plumbing might cause minor or slippery spills as oil or grease is involved. Spilled oil, coolant, fuel or water might use up a lot of old towels and rugs to clean which might leave out the residue. If you make use of an oil spill kit, the absorbent would be strong enough to absorb the spill and eliminate the residue. Besides, the spill kit could help in cleaning the spill easier and faster without leaving behind any oil or grease.

You could find different types of spill containment kits but all are not made similarly. Some would have granular absorbent which would make the absorbing capacity much higher when compared to the contents in other spill kits. They are lightweight and are easy to carry. You could transport it quickly to the scene of the spill. When compared to a pallet of clay granular absorbent which is heavyweight, modern granular absorbance performs well and are lightweight. The spill kits can easily clean up spills of all kinds like fuel, oil, hydrochloric acid, glue and more, eliminating the need for any form of secondary clean up. You could clean in a matter of minutes without any mops or buckets that could add to the hazards of the place.

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