Symptoms That Indicate That You Need A Root Canal Treatment


Are you experiencing extreme toothache? The root canal treatment Preston offers the best services in the city. You might be wondering if root canal treatment is needed for just a toothache. It is one of the symptoms that shows that you are in due for treatment. So, what is a root canal? It is a simple treatment where the canals of the teeth are cleaned. Under the teeth, there is the root, which consists of the blood vessels and nerves. Sometimes they can be infested with bacteria, which need to be cleaned, to prevent further infestation—a simple treatment which helps to maintain our oral hygiene.

Confused if you need the treatment or not? These are the few symptoms that you can look out for:

Sensitive tooth

Are you unable to consume hot or cold foods? Getting a root canal treatment Preston, will solve your problems. Whether you experience acute or dull pain, whenever you consume hot or cold food, it doesn’t matter. It just suggests that the blood vessels in your teeth are damaged. In most of the cases, they are damaged due to decay present in your teeth. The dentists in Preston, will look into your teeth and complete the procedure without causing pain.

Incessant Pain

Consistent pain in the tooth is one of the signs that remind you that you might need a root canal. You might experience continuous pain or pain that comes and goes when you consume food or beverages. It might not just be subjected to the teeth area, but you might feel pain in your gums, jaw, face, ears, etc. All these are telltale signs that depict that there might be some bacterial infection, that needs to be cleaned. So, it might be better for you to take that root canal treatment after all.

Stomach Issues

You might be wondering how a problem in your tooth, will affect your stomach. But we need to understand that our body organs are designed to work together. Any bacterial infestation in our teeth will reach our stomach, along with the food that we consume. Thus, if you don’t maintain proper oral hygiene, you will start facing issues in the stomach. It can start with a small stomach pain and lead to big problems like ulcers. Thus, if you are experiencing stomach pain and dull ache in the tooth simultaneously, then it might be a good option to have a root canal Preston.

Discoloured Tooth

Have you noticed that a particular tooth has turned to a shade of yellow or grey? Decay in the tooth pulp will turn the colour yellow and some external damage to the tooth might give it a slight greyish appearance. If you notice such symptoms, it shows that the decay is spreading in the tooth and you should have a root canal, to clean your teeth and fill the cavities.

Swollen Gums

Gums hold our teeth together. If you find that they are swollen or tender to touch, visiting for a root canal treatment Preston, should be the first thing that you should do. The swollen gums indicate that the puss from the infection is accumulating in your gums, making them swell. This swelling after a while, might spread to your face, neck, or head. It might also start bleeding. So, in just one sitting, you can have the treatment done.

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