Top Six Advantages of Plantation Shutters


Window shutters are one of the earliest forms of window treatment that have ever been used by humans. That should be enough to convince you that plantation shutters are an excellent choice for your windows and doors. The modern shutter is an excellent choice for any setting because it is both ageless and adaptable. There are numerous advantages to installing wooden shutters in a contemporary home.


1.      Shutters regulate light better than curtains


Light is a major consideration when deciding how to decorate your windows. Do you want more or less light in your room? Shutters provide you complete control over the amount of light entering your room. For one thing, you’ll save money because shutters allow you to control the amount of light in your rooms more effectively than curtains or blinds.

On the other hand, solid wood shutters are a great option if you want to minimise exposure to direct sunlight while still keeping out the cold. Shutters’ ability to trap heat is an important aspect in lowering energy costs.


2.      Their design is traditional and everlasting


Plantation shutters are a timeless design that will never go out of style. Shutters go well with a wide range of styles, whether you’re going for a sleek, contemporary look or a more traditional aesthetic. Shutters can modify the look of both the inside and outside of your home, but they always look like they belong.


3.      Shutters are easy to clean


Taking down curtains to clean them or dusting venetian blinds is a chore that no one enjoys. As a bonus, plantation shutters are extremely easy to maintain. Once a week, use a moist towel to wipe off the slats. That’s it! As a bonus, their low-maintenance requirements let you to spend more time resting in your house.


4.      They go well with your colour palette


Shutterly Fabulous shutters go well with any colour scheme, whether it’s dark and smoky or clean and crisp. Whether you’re looking to match a Farrow & Ball or Dulux trade colour, we can do it for you. Shutters can be a subtle addition to your decor, or you can make a statement by painting them a bright accent colour to make them stand out.


5.      Shutters increase the value of your house


There are many ways to increase the value of your property, and shutters are one of them. Despite the fact that you may not be able to take them with you, these traditional window treatments will prove to be a significant asset when you decide to sell your home.

However, you can use CNC manufacturing for shutters to increase the value of your home. This manufacturing process employs computer programming to direct machine tools to produce close-tolerance, high-quality components.


6.      They contribute to a sense of tranquilly


What’s going on there? You can’t go wrong with a good night’s sleep. Plantation shutters, unlike blinds, have been demonstrated to be a natural sound barrier. An effective barrier to outside noise is provided by the wood that we utilise in our designs. You may rest easy knowing that your house will be quieter and you’ll get a better night’s sleep once your shutters are placed.


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