Why Choosing the Right Commercial Litigation Lawyer on the Sunshine Coast


Any person business or owns a company in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane would likely not find this information surprising at all; commercial disputes are aplenty. Whether issues arising from a breach of contract, an employee relations dispute or a negligence lawsuit, Commercial Litigation Sunshine Cost could be devastating to the financial well being and efficiency of a business. For this reason, for instance, if the organization has been engaged in a commercial litigation, then a lawyer who has worked in the area is highly valuable when such circumstances present themselves.

Our teams of commercial litigation solicitors located in both the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane have specialization in every aspect of business and commercial litigation. We are legally permitted to strategies and build irresistible instances from case filing to trial level for our local Sunshine Coast & Brisbane residents.If you are involved in a commercial litigation matter, then read on to find out how a proficient litigation firm can address your needs and preserve your rights.

The Advantages of Having Local Candidates

It’s even harder when large corporate law firms from Sydney or Melbourne have a commercial litigation division or team because they are far from the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. This vast network enables us to come up with more wise legal strategies that employ local connections and information about the judicial system. Having established relationships with the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane courts puts our clients at a significant advantage right from the beginning.

Many Sunshine Coast and Brisbane clients have been assisted by our team through commercial disputes, which are supported by over 30 years of experience from each member of the team. It may sound obvious but we know which way the wind blows on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and the judges who are assigned to our cases, and we use that knowledge when constructing a case for success.

Specialties of Business Disputes in the Country

It could be a partnership dispute or a shareholders dispute or a directors’ breach of the required obligations; our team has done it all for Commercial Litigation Brisbane. Some specific areas where we have extensive experience include.

  • Breach of Contract Claims: We handle contractual disputes arising from merchant and vendor sales, construction or other business, independent contractors, manufacturing, long term supply or any other transaction that the parties may engage in.
  • Negligence Allegations: We are in a place to protect the interests of Sunshine Coast or Brisbane’s businesses when a customer, employee, or a vendor decides that they were negligent. These include most of the regular lawsuits that are based on claims of professional negligence, but occasionally, there are also cases of pure premises liability.
  • Employment Lawsuits: These are lawsuits that occur as a result of employment issues, such as wrongful termination among others, wage and hour lawsuits among others. With the help of the legal professionals and the interest of the organization, it is easy to ensure that the local enterprises adhere to the legal positions on employment laws.
  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes: Some of the services in this context have included facilitating dissolution of corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, and minority shareholder disputes, among others.
  • Fraud Claims: As with the previous points of discussion, there is no better offense than fraud. Such legal actions can include allegations of fraud in the process of representation, concealment of information, false advertising, and even worst.

Strategic Litigation Representation

Unlike most other firms in the market, we do not take up commercial litigation matters in a passive manner. We act on behalf of the clients’ interests from the time a case emerges, including and up to the final judgment. This is usually done during the pre-litigation analysis, where we evaluate the case to see where we need to urgently dismiss the case or seek a settlement. However, when disputes can only be resolved through the legal process, we rely on our robust trial practice and relationships with local attorneys to create a sound affirmative or defensive case. Whether your business is faced with the strongest of adversaries, our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast commercial litigation lawyers will ensure that your business is secure and do their best to ensure the best result for your company.


If you are involved in a commercial litigation issue, it would be useful to talk to the professional Brisbane and Sunshine Coast lawyers of our firm, simply schedule a meeting. This is why local legal advisors are a great help in protecting your business and its financial position from online slander. The legal team at Bartlett & Bendall Lawyers has decades of experience concerning Sunshine Coast and Brisbane commercial litigation to ensure that our clients have the judgment and strategic skills to meet any litigation issues. Do not let the management of business depend on luck and lawyers who are not related to our society. Please feel free to call our office today in order to arrange a first consultation.

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