Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Custom Stickers


Custom stickers are inexpensive and easy promoters for many businesses. The importance of customs stickers online has increased in recent years, and people get bored with default stickers. Custom stickers play various roles in social media, and one of the major roles is branding many businesses. It is important to create those stickers attractively and creatively and avoid mistakes while designing the custom stickers. A single mistake will take away the attractiveness of the stickers and hence avoid the mistakes listed here:

Common mistakes

  • Inappropriate container: 

The first and most important step is to select an appropriate container measurement when choosing custom stickers online. You will be given several cutting die options based on the size and shape of the container. As a result, you will end up with inappropriate stickers for your business. Custom stickers that are too small will become useless when designing and printing those stickers where too small won’t be seen from a distance. At the same time too big also won’t match with its requirement and both will result in reprint where wastage of money will be there.

  • Try to design artwork professionally:

Having your artwork designed by professionals can save you time and money in the long run. When creating eye-catching Vinyl stickers online, sticking to some basic guidelines is critical. Generally, stickers are created using various colours, fonts, designs, and many other elements. While designing custom stickers for various purposes in the future, utilize those elements professionally to get excellent output. The unprofessional artwork’s stickers may not get attracted by any people where it becomes useless and a waste of design. Input varieties in your artwork and bring out a fantastic custom sticker used in many places.

  • Lost Fonts and Graphics:

In this digital world, now the availability of a wider range of fonts as well as a visual element at your fingertips, it is simple to incorporate fancy fonts into your design to get amazing custom stickers online. However, the main issue here is that the printing facility may not always have the fonts you have selected. Choosing the wrong font and graphic is considered a major mistake when designing a custom sticker, and try to be careful with that. Sometimes, few fonts were a challenge to read clearly, and the vision of the font may also have the defect. It is applicable for font’s selection, and for choosing, the graphics must be right. To avoid this mistake, create a clear outline for your font.

  • Colour Considerations: 

Regardless of the type of business you run, consumers frequently recognize your brand based on the colours you use. Before you proceed with the final printing of your stickers, keep in mind that every printer prints differently. Because colour consistency is critical for consistent branding, getting press proof before printing is always a good idea. Generally, the vinyl stickers online have long-term durability, so it is a must to consider the colour, which will last for long days when creating such stickers. Mostly the digital printer’s work effectively with CMYK and not with RGB, and it is important to create with CMYK where sometimes it does not match when you create with RGB for digital printers.

  • Spelling mistake: 

One of the silly mistakes made by many people while designing the custom stickers is spelling mistakes. It is a completely embarrassing moment when you make a spelling mistake, which will affect the reputation of designing a custom sticker. The custom stickers represent some information and branding of some companies’ names, and it is important to check the spelling in those stickers. To avoid this spelling mistake, always recheck and proofread before finally printing the stickers.

  • Not printing the sample: 

The last mistake by many people is not printing a sample sticker and going for the main printing. Even though your system has revised every correction, you are done with your proofreading. Still, there is a chance for a mistake, and it is better to have a sample piece and check again. After ensuring the sample one, go for the main printing.

Bottom line: 

It is easy to get custom stickers online while avoiding mistakes is also important. Thus, the details mentioned earlier are some of the mistakes to be avoided when designing custom stickers. The Stickers n Things deliver a quick solution for enhancing the business, request a quote as per your need.

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