Creative Wedding Videography Melbourne Ideas You Should Try On Your Big Day


Wedding videos are the best way to capture the best moments that occur on a special occasion. Though the photos can hold evergreen memories, saving the events in the film is always great. So, ensure to hire an expert videographer who is well-versed in various skills and provides you with unique Wedding Videography Melbourne ideas. When you shoot the film at your marriage, you can share it with the people who all missed attending it. Also, it can be useful in the future to show to the kids and grandparents. Whenever you watch the video, it will take you back to those precious incidents. Instead of shooting the occasion in a normal way, you can suggest your professionals incorporate some creative tips in film. Here are some wonderful wedding video ideas that make your day remarkable. 

Wedding Trailer 

You can recommend the wedding trailer to your videographer that sounds amazing. They will use the music, dialogues, and different clips throughout the day to make a story. It will mostly cover all the scenes like changing the ring, dancing, emotions, and more. Adding the soundtrack to the film will highlight those feelings and also include the voiceover based on your desire. This will enhance the wedding video and the promo is a fabulous idea that you can try. 

Save The Date 

The save date is an incredible creation that has become famous in marriage now. It will be a technique where the animation is used to move between the photographs. This is the cutest way to announce your wedding date to others and you can use it instead of the invitation to inform everyone. This video will include location and date in the template and favorite pictures of the couple. 

Proposal Wedding Videography Melbourne

Capturing the wonderful proposal moment from your partner is an astonishing idea that can be added to your wedding video. The videographer will help you to recreate this moment perfectly. This will help others know about how you first met and how the proposal happens. It will surely take your heart to the memories that your better half conveys his heartfelt love to you. It will be a great touch for your marriage film, so you can try this adorable thought. 

Love Story 

Your love story is a fairy tale that connects your life to the wedding. So, adding it to the video will make it more remarkable than you expected. If you suggest this plan to the Wedding videographers Melbourne, they would aid you to recreate the memories. You can visit the same places that you met your partner and wear the same outfits to make it look realistic. It would make you relive the moments whenever you watch the wedding video. 

Honoring Loved Ones 

Honor the loved people who you have lost or missed in the wedding by including clips will be a great thought. You can add their video shorts to the film or also add the picture to highlight it. This would make others remember about them and know how much you miss them on the special occasion. 

Engagement Clips 

You can suggest your wedding videographer add the pictures and shots from the engagement. It will be one of the major parts of the film that remembers the day when you both are going to tie the knot. Add a voiceover about that occasion and make it more beautiful than before. 

Bachelor Party Recap 

You and your better half will be celebrating the bachelor party with your friends. Adding this clip will make your friends relive the funny moments and pre-wedding adventures. It will be a quirky idea that adds more entertainment to the marriage film. 

Reception Clips 

Adding the reception clips is a good way to capture the fun with all your family and friends. Ensure to know if your videographer uses the lavaliere microphone as recording the audio at the reception will be a puzzling task. It will be full of music, sounds, speeches, so it’s hard to shoot everything correctly. You can ask the professional to include all the amazing moments, speeches, jokes, and others in clips. 

Interviews Of Your Friends And Relatives 

The wedding will be fulfilled with the wonderful moments created by your family and friends. So, taking an interview with them about the opinion of the bride and groom is a funny idea. It will be an amazing one that highlights the marriage clip. It can be taken from the close family members and buddies of you and your partner. 

Final Verdict

Trying the above Wedding Videography Melbourne ideas will help to make your big day unique. At Lensure, we have expert videographers who would give you creative ideas and include them perfectly in the film. Our professionals are well-versed, so they shoot the film artistically and create it as a marvelous fairytale. It would take you back to the precious moments whenever you watch the clip.  For more details Contact Us on our website.

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