Dental Implants Melbourne – Procedure and Benefits


How others feel about your teeth can really affect your confidence level. Despite what you are thinking about your teeth, there are millions of people outside who suffer toothless. The reason must be decay tooth, injury or periodontal disease. For the many past years dentures and bridges were the only available treatment for this. But today we have Dental implants. Replacement tooth roots are what Dental implants. Placing an artificial tooth can gives you the treat of real tooth. They function, look and feel like your born tooth. And they actually provide long life.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

Dental Implants give someone the confidence to eat, smile and engage without worrying about their appearance. It’s long lasting and reliable when you handle it with proper oral hygiene and maintenance. When compared to other teeth replacement method, well performed Dental implant offers you a high success and survival rate. Dental Implants support your jaw bone just like your real teeth. They guard the jaw bone and most importantly they reduce bone desorption so that you can eat and chew well.

They also improve your bone and facial features. They are designed to merge with your bone and so they have long life. With bad fitting dentures you always worry about the sliding teeth within the mouth, so mostly you avoid talking in social gathering but dental implants eliminate this discomfort. They improve comfort and self esteem.

Procedure of Dental Implants:

The Development of an individualized treatment plan is the very first procedure here. Well trained team of professionals experienced in restorative dentistry and oral surgery will perform the best for you. Next, a titanium made small post will be placed in the missing tooth’s bone socket. The healing period of jaw bone in this process can take six to twelve weeks.

Once the bonding between implant and jaw bone done, A small post connector named abutment is attached to hold the new tooth. Finally a crown is attached to the abutment which is called the replacement tooth. During this procedure specialist use local anesthesia because most people feel a little discomfort on this process. The pain here is lesser when compared to tooth extraction. With the help of medications like Motrin or Tylenol, the little soreness and pain can also be treated after the Dental implant.

To Do After Dental Implant Surgery:

After dental implant surgery, the patient takes a couple of days to recover. For the first 24 hours there may have discomfort and swelling, to reduce this discomfort a diet containing cold foods, soft foods and warm soup should be taken. Flossing, Brushing, Rinsing will help maintaining the implant. Regular dentist visits are must. During the sixth month, x rays are rechecked. He also checks the health of the jaw bone and gums. It can take sometime for patients to see the results of Dental implants, but the time you put and the inconvenience you gone through are worth it.

Similar care for natural tooth should be give to dental implants, resulting in decades of healthy tooth holding beautiful smile!

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