Know How To Install Artificial Turf Melbourne Without Having Any Flaws


Nowadays people prefer to install fake turf in their balconies and offices due to rising concrete forest. These artificial grasses not only make the place beautiful but it adds greenery to the surrounding. The maintenance cost for such grasses is low and the watering requirement is minimal. However, one must be careful and be precise in the work while laying the artificial turf.

Many think it is easy to install Artificial Turf Melbourne with minimum equipment. But it is not as easy as people believe. Appropriate laying of the grass only gives good look to the ground and will help in sustaining the artificial grass in good condition for a longer period. If one is puzzled about how to install the fake turf then have a glimpse at the given below the content. The mentioned ideas will aid to puzzled out all the doubts and will help in fixing good turf.

Equipment Required To Lay The Turf

The first and foremost thing required for laying the artificial grass is appropriate equipment. One must possess the tools like turf cutter, shovel, joining tape, Stanley knife, Stuff brush, Gloves, joining adhesive, ground pins. One can obtain all this equipment easily from most of the walk-in-store at a low price.

What must be put under Artificial Turf Melbourne?

It is considerable to lay lazy foam underneath the artificial turf. One must make sure to clean the ground before gluing the foam pad. The foam underlying will help in draining and so this turf can last longer. One can avoid laying the soil beneath the grass because it is highly suspectable to weather change and may cause damage to the turf. It is even suggestible to underlay the turf under a uniform concrete floor if it has a proper drainage system.

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Know-How To Prepare the Ground

The important and puzzling task is to prepare the ground before laying the grass. One needs to make sure that the chose location is cleaned and has a proper draining accommodation. If it lacks such facility then it will result in deterioration of the turf. Then do the following for preparing the artificial grass ground.

  1. Prepare the initial base with the gravel. After placing the gravel soak it in the water.
  2. Make the surface even and remove the uneven rocks and other particles from the ground.
  3. Build the final base evenly and compact the layer.
  4. Now it is all set to install the turf.

Learn To Install The Artificial Grass

It is an easy yet tricky task to install artificial grass on the floor. One can lay the artificial grass by simply following steps.

  1. Chose the area wisely: It is significant to choose the area before starting the project. Ensure that the cables and other piping lines in the preferred location are below the digging depth. Cut the turf up to 2 meters depth using a turf cutter.
  2. Edging: Area in which grass is to be installed must be measured and trimmed according to the requirement.
  3. Lay the Foundation: Apply granite dust around 6mm. Drag it evenly with a piece of timber for smoothing the surface.
  4. Apply Weed Membrane: Generally, weeds do not grow on artificial grass. However, as a precaution and for easy draining apply weedicide.
  5. Install The turf: Unroll the turf and trim down the excess piece from it

Winding Up

Still, are you confused to install the Artificial Turf Melbourne? No issues. We at Auzzie Turf are here to guide you. We offer high-quality artificial grass with a 7year warranty. Also, our professionals are available to install the grass. So even if you are busy or find it difficult to install the turf then you can contact our expert. They will do the precise work and charges for such service are also affordable.

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