Top Five Design Factors for the Perfect Custom Name Badge


Name badges are extremely important in the office environment and also when it comes to events or other business-related things. It makes a good first impression on the customers and the partners. That is why you need to make sure that the custom name badges are not poorly designed. Where the name badges have so many hidden benefits, at the same time, poorly designed can make a bad impression on the potential customer and business partners. So ensure to buy the perfect design that shows the information clearly. There are various elements you need to take into consideration before choosing the name badge design, such as

Contracting colours

Colour is the most important aspect while choosing custom name badges. But many businesses don’t give it much focus. Choose the right colour is the first and crucial step to get the best badge design. Colour helps the badge to stand out, and if you combine the wrong colours, then you will regret it later. The colour should be a reflection of your brand, so make sure it contrasts together. Always remember that the design you see on the computer screen may vary from the final printed product. A light font with a light background will not look good, so instead, you can choose both light and dark.

Make space for long names

While choosing the custom name badges design, you need to think about the name size that makes the job even more difficult. The name badge should have enough space to fit all the employees’ names. The best way to choose the correct size of name badge for employees identity. Then find out the employee with the longest name and choose the design accordingly. You don’t want a design that will block one of your employees’ names.

Make the font readable

It is more than an attractive-looking clothing accessory. That is why it should clearly display the information about the employee and the business. It should include the business logo, contact information, name, and address. If these things are not readable enough, then there is no point. That is why you need to choose contrasting colours and goof font size so that the information will be readable. You need to think if the design will be readable after it is printed even though it is clearly visible on the computer screen. Readability should be your first priority, and after that, you can focus on the presentation.

Clarity of logo

The business logo is the most powerful marketing tool. It can increase brand awareness; that is why it has to be completely visible. The logo should stand out when it comes to visually appealing. The other person must know the brand from just one glace, and the logo has to be in high resolution. A low-quality logo print on the name badge won’t help you. So choose a good name badge designer who will not compromise with the brand logo. There are advanced machines available in the market that can help to make high-resolution name badge.

Maintain the brand style

The personalised name badges should help the employees to represent the business at any event. You have no idea about the colours, font size that will help you to maintain brand style. Make sure the badge carries these elements but don’t go overboard. You can create a simple yet elegant name badge for you employee.

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