What is The Significance About Jobs in Sydney?


Sydney is the city which is known or has most of the job opportunities for people in the business. There are so many jobs in Sydney for people. By being the financial capital of Australia Sydney basically works as the quarter contributor of the GDP of country. Sydney has such a banking industry which is the strongest in whole of the country paving as jobs in Sydney along with providing the skilled professionals as well. The most common jobs in Sydney can be found out through the analysis of jobs which is held by the resident population in the city of Sydney which stated that the three popular occupations were:

  • First is the professionals
  • Second most popular profession is managers.
  • Third third most common jobs in Sydney is of andclericalism Administrative workers.

Is Sydney a good option for graduates to do jobs? 

There is a vast range of jobs in Sydney. Sydney is the largest city of Australia and the fact that over 20% of all of the employment opportunities are located just within the region in Australia. It has proven that even more than the total national employment income is even earned in Sydney. The facts state that 23% of all of the money that are earned by the Australian workers come from Sydney. So it is clear that Sydney is a great place for the graduates in order to begin with their careers that with more than 30% of the graduates of Australia finding their employment in New South Wales and that is not surprising because of the highest concentration of employers in Australia. Sydney is a home to over 200,000 businesses that makes up almost 25% of the employers of Australia.

What is the percentage of total employment in Sydney per industry?

The jobs that are in demand are professional jobs with some more than 300,000 professionals who are working in Sydney by making up about 12% of the industries of city. The workers who are in health care related positions are about 12% along with 9% of Sydney’s workers in retail. However on the other side of scale the utilities, agriculture as well as mining there is each employ less than the 1% of the workforce.

What are other important factors about career in Sydney?

Sydney is a known advanced economy along with so many strengths in tourism, finance as well as manufacturing. The international banks about 90 percent possess their regional headquarters and about 60 percent of the technology companies are based in Sydney that makes it a world class hub or zone of knowledge based businesses.

Sydney is known to be the most important economic driver in Australia and possesses the most employing businesses out of any other capital city in Australia that has more than a fifth of the total employment income that is going to people working the city of Australia. So it is obvious that Sydney is fortunate for graduates as it also offers a global job market that has diverse opportunities almost not given by any capital of Australia.

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