6 Effective Tips To Secure Your Home Against Burglary


The highest number of break-ins is usually recorded in summers when people are away from their homes and are on vacation. But you can never predict a season for this crime. They can happen anytime, to anyone. So it’s always better that you take measures to prevent them. Here are some that will help to protect you and your family through all seasons. 

Upgrade Door Security

Open and weak doors are the common changes that burglars always look for. Always keep your doors closed and teach your children that they should not let anyone in until they are friends or family members. 


Since you can never see to the other side of the door, you can never know who is knocking at the door. We recommend you add a peephole to your door so you can see if it’s a known person or an intruder. You can also keep your doors secured by upgrading them with robust hardware, ensuring the ultimate protection of you and your family. 

Secure Your Windows

Windows are one of the favorite spots of burglars through which they can enter your house. You should always keep your windows locked. Although all windows have built-in locks, you can add some more, making it difficult for the burglars to get into your house. 


We also recommend you to cover your windows with roller blinds so that burglars can never catch the view of your inside’s and dont be able to watch your moves. 

Install A Home Security System

Install a home security system that aims to protect you, your family, and your property from burglar attacks. It is recommended that you should install one which comes with professional monitoring and automotive sensors. 


Security system alarms you when some intruder breaks in and warns the burglars that they can be caught, which eventually slows down their criminal action. 

Check Your Garage

Garage has become the most popular entry point for burglars. Because they know this is the point you often miss to take care of. Even if they cant enter your house through the garage, they can steal other valuables that you have stored in the garage. It is always recommended that you check the garage locks, especially at night, because most of the suspicious burglary acts occur at midnight. 

Add CCTV Cameras

Adding security cameras is an excellent solution against burglary. This is the one security solution that works as a deterrent to stop the burglars from preying on your house and is a means to get them caught.


 This security feature keeps the burglars aware of the fact that they are being watched. Even if they dont stop, there is a chance that they can still be caught through the recorded video. 

Keep Emergency Numbers On Your Phone

Even if you have taken all the security measures and set everything for protection, it is always recommended that you keep the emergency numbers on your phone. Because as soon as you see any danger, you can immediately call the cops so they can arrive at the spot on time. 


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