What is the Advantage of Purchasing Street Solar Lights From Cmoonlight?


The street lights are an important component of the aesthetics of a city or a town. Ideally you want street lights that are not only cost as well as energy efficient but also provide excellent illumination in the streets. The modern street lights are manufactured using advanced manufacturing methods and are equipped with smart features plus latest specs for an excellent overall lighting package. A lot of the manufacturers these days are using alternate tech such as solar powered street light for a more eco-friendly and energy efficient product.

There are numerous suppliers of solar street light products in the market. If you have a requirement for solar street lights then you must purchase your products from the best brands in the market. The best manufacturers are those that provide you quality products plus impeccable post sales support and friendly customer support service. Amongst the different names, Cmoonlight is one of the best solar street light company renowned for its high standards of products.

What are the benefits of buying solar street lights from Cmoonlight?

If you are in the market for solar street lights then Cmoonlight is your best option. The company has been in the business of manufacturing solar street lights for a decade. and it has got some of the most skilled designers and workers on its roster. The company is specially dedicated to research and development plus the sales of its highly efficient range of solar street lights. Some of the prominent lighting products manufactured and sold by the company includes solar traffic lights, solar power systems, solar street lights and solar floodlights amongst other products.

The advantages that you get in terms of the service provided by the company when you purchase products from them includes distributor support, shipment service, post-sales service, and custom technology. As far as the post-sales service is concerned, https://www.cmoonlight.com/ provides a minimum 3 year defect-free guarantee to the consumers regarding their solar lighting systems. Within this guarantee period from the time of purchase, the company will replace or repair any of the component which is found to be defective. The liability of the company on any claim will not exceed the price of purchase of the system. Here it is worth noting that this warranty doesn’t cover malfunction or damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident or installation, as determined by the engineers or technicians of the company.

The company also provides custom technology for customizing the dimensions of their product, such as battery capacity and color temperature of the lights. The company also provides the option of installing CCTV surveillance cameras with 4G or Wi-Fi signal on the solar street lights. The company also provides smart wireless control system which enables controlling solar street lights through the computer. The company also provides customization of silk screen logo that is imprinted on the product.

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