Advantages and disadvantages of having a skylight in your home or office


Maybe you are thinking of getting a skylight installed in your newly built home, but you aren’t certain whether it will be worthwhile. It is important to consider several factors when replacing your roof and choosing new gutters for your home. The reasons for choosing skylights vary from person to person, so no two skylight installations are alike. Perhaps you want brighter or more natural light in your bathroom or bedroom? Do you need more ventilation? Could you use solar-generated heat in a freezing location?

Advantages of having a skylight in your home

Homeowners can gain a number of benefits from rooftop windows and skylights. As well as increasing your home’s value, they can alleviate stuffy, cold, or dark conditions in your home.

Make your spaces more natural by adding natural light

Skylights allow natural light into your space, which is one of their greatest advantages. This light also brings solar heat. What does that mean to you? It has been proven that natural light improves mood and even helps with a performance at work. When it’s cold outside, you can save money on heating by using sunlight to heat your house.

Improved ventilation and allowing fresh air in

Skylight windows can open to let in the fresh air. Cross ventilation makes stuffy rooms feel fresh, the air is cleaner, and the rooms are cooled down without needing to turn on the air conditioner.

Reducing energy costs

The sunlight in your spaces can heat them and it can cool them down with cross ventilation. Using a skylight with laminated glass and a leak-proof seal can drastically decrease your energy bills (but make sure it’s leak-proof).

Enhancing the resale value of a property is an aesthetic change

Changes in aesthetics like skylights can contribute to the resale value of your dwelling and create a welcoming atmosphere in certain rooms.

Enhancing the sense of space in a room with natural views

Like mirrors, skylights can create the illusion of more space by making a room look wider. You can also catch a glimpse of nature during the daytime or the night sky.

Disadvantages of having a skylight in your room  

Skylights have potential disadvantages just as any other cosmetic change you might make to your home. These disadvantages tend to be caused by certain conditions. Following are some of them.

When a skylight is poorly installed or made with inferior equipment, heat can escape through the skylight and be lost

An excessive amount of light or heat is brought in by the skylight during the day. A proper consultation is essential to ensure a skylight is installed in the right spot, so the natural benefits of a skylight won’t overshadow the benefits of your home.

How do you deal with a fallen tree branch that breaks the glass of the skylight? Despite the fact that it’s possible, there’s no need to worry about it being dangerous. For safety’s sake, laminated glass is recommended. Rather than shattering and falling into the house, the broken glass is held in place by a thin film.

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