7 Cute And Worthy Women Hair Styles At Hair Salon South Yarra


Girls have a close bond with their hair and wish to flaunt them on every occasion. Hair is a part of the body that is directly exposed to external conditions like sunlight and pollution, hence need to be maintained with extra care. Hair reflects your personality and healthy hair can boost your self-confidence. Women always explore new haircuts to make them look appealing and gorgeous. Hair Salon South Yarra is the best place to strengthen your hair and style them in various ways. This article is a list of 7 interesting and cute haircuts for girls trending during the current year that are worth giving a try.

Wavy Cut with Curtain bangs

This haircut is best suitable for girls with medium hair and is a charming style among girls. The bangs near the cheeks make them look more prominent and give an elongated shape to the face. A layered cut is done in the flowing hair that bestows a wavy glance to your hair. Try this unique presentable haircut when you wish to portray yourself more professionally in your work environment.

Textured Bob in Hair Salon South Yarra

A cool bob haircut is a short hair trim at jaw length with low maintenance. This gives a textured look to the shorthair making your appearance bold and elegant. When you try this style with blonde hair, it may be fascinatingly powerful and adventurous. Opt for this hot new style in Hair Salon South Yarra to baffle your onlookers.

Lob with Face framing bangs

This voluminous haircut can make your look drop-down gorgeous. The bangs around the face frame them to express romance. They are so attractive that you can seduce your partner with this ecstatic new look.

Long Brunette Shag

This hairstyle is the best choice for girls with hair longer than their shoulders. The long bangs near the face can narrow down your face and give a thin look to them. The flowing hair can be layered to pump the voluminous look of your hair. This is again an easy-to-maintain style that can cut a significant time from your morning routine.

Medium One-length Haircut

When you cut a bob haircut, it is not versatile to do them in different styles. In those cases, when you wish to explore new hairdos, it is better to cut them to medium length. The hair over the shoulders is left to flow naturally which augments your magnificent glance.

Soft Shoulder Length Shag

This is a simple yet elegant hairstyle many women prefer to cut. The hair will be maintained a little curly and layered to give a majestic look. The long bangs near the face is a factor of fascination.

Two-tier inverted bob

This classic and modish haircut can shower you with a lot of courage and enthusiasm to face the real world. It adds a bouncy look to your hair and hence looks more adorable. The style is short at the back but a little long at the front with the corners tapered.

Dark Taper Cut

When you choose to stay shorter than Bob, here is an excellent choice. The hair on the upper part of the head is kept a little voluminous compared to those at the back. Moreover, the back hair is tapered in layers close to the head giving a cool and composed look to you. When you prefer to age with grace after your 40s go for this stunning hair statement.

Final Words!

This article has enlightened you with the splendid haircuts in Hair salon South Yarra. We, at Biba, offer the best salon services in town for your damaged hair to regain its strength and lustre. In the field for more than 45 years, we can give the best your hair requires. We couple this huge experience with the latest technology and team of experts, to shower your hair with a heavenly treatment.

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