Choose a Messenger Bag for Your Designer Investment in 2023


Today, messenger bags are known as a staple of the hipster men’s look. But in reality, they’ve been around for a very long time and gained popularity in the 90s. The messenger bag is a classic, practical and stylish option for men and women, but is largely still most popular with men.  

But why have these bags lasted the test of time? It’s because they are a safe choice for men. They offer style and functionality. They are spacious with heaps of pockets, and you can get them in a wide variety of sizes, meaning there’s pretty much something for everyone. 

The more fashion-forward men opt for messenger bags from designer houses, for a more structured everyday choice that elevates their looks. These bags can be found at fashion houses from LV Australias in-house monogram look, all the way to Versace in textured black.  

But what is good and bad of messenger bags, and why are they so popular?  

The Benefits of Messenger Bags: 

Business Meets Function

In this day and age, everyone needs their tech with them. Whether you’re on your way to work, university or just want to get work done on the plane. Most people think backpacks are too casual, even if they’re elevated, and many don’t want to look unprofessional. This is where the messenger bag comes in. It is technically a crossbody bag for men, so it can be worn across the body or on the shoulder, and safely lets you carry your tech everywhere in style.  

Stay Organised

You do not want to be rummaging in your tote bag every single time you need your wallet or keys. This is the downside of many bags. Briefcases need to be set down to be opened, tote bags are like black holes for your belongings and smaller bags never have enough space. Messenger bags remove this issue and allow you to remain organised with the flap top cover and inner pockets. 

The Drawbacks of Messenger Bags: 

Commuting May Be Hard

If you’re a cyclist, a skateboarder, a scooter rider or even rollerblading to work, a messenger bag may be the logical choice, but it may not be the most functional choice. Although messenger bags are out of the way, and can be worn across the body, they still imbalance your weight. In this case, you can opt for a different type of crossbody bag: The sling bag. It’s smaller than a messenger bag, but sits across your chest, or back instead.  

Not Suitable for Everyone

Messenger bags may not be for men with shoulder or upper back issues. Especially if you’re carrying very heavy weight for very long distances. If loaded too heavily, you won’t just be tilting as you walk, you can also exacerbate any health issues you may have. In this case, a soft strapped backpack may be a good choice, with a structured body to help distribute the weight more evenly. 

Now What? 

Now that you’re educated as to the good and bad aspects of a messenger bag, it’s important to note that each man will always have his own personal preference as to which bag he uses. 

Messenger bags are just one of the many options on offer from luxury brands across the world. But if you like the sound of a messenger bag, all you have to do is consider what size will suit your individual needs (after all if you carry a laptop, your bag needs to fit this and more), and which colour suits you. You don’t have to stick to neutrals, luxury offerings have something for everyone.  

Regardless of what type of messenger bag you get, it’s always a great investment for the future.



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