Top 7 Haircut Melbourne For Oval-Shaped Men


To get the right cut is a herculean task! While planning for haircuts men need to consider many things. He should choose the right stylist and style that fits his hair well. Sometimes men get inspired by the Haircut Melbourne of their favorite actor and wish to try it for themselves. However, sometimes the results from such influences may not be welcoming. Do you know the reason behind it? Yes, not only the style plays a role, but also the shape of the face. Not all men have the same shape of the face and so one must choose the right cut. To find the best cut for oval face men, have a scroll and read till the end.


If you don’t like to grow hair too much or want to try a simple style, go with buzzcuts. The style features very short even-size hairs all around your head. If you are planning to attend a formal meeting or to chill out on informal occasions, this style will never go wrong. In other simple words be a formal or informal meeting, this hair will be an ideal choice.

Crew Cuts

Similar to buzzcuts, crew cuts are also known for a short and simple look. This style not only suits oval-shaped faces, but also every other profile.The only difference between buzzcut and crew cut is that this style will have slightly long hairs at the top. If you are going to meet someone important on an official basis, this style will be a perfect choice.


The style that never goes out of the trend for oval-faced is mohawks. It makes your attireunique in the crowd. Mohawks features topped medium-sized hair with even fading sides. If your top hair doesn’t stand upright even after a comb, use hair gel. It will give an awesome and distinctive look.

Essential Qualities Of Hair Salon in Melbourne That Help You To Choose The Best One

QuiffHaircut Melbourne

A man with an oval-shaped face and thick hair can try a quiff hairstyle. It enhances the beauty and also gives a stylish look. These days you can find the corporate people in this hairstyle. Quiff haircut comes out in different variations. Some of the popular in this style are modern quiff, short quiff, curly quiff, and so on. Just before the cut is made, get a consultation with the barber to ensure whether it suits with your body shape and face type. Their experience will aid you to avail the best styles and make your look attractive.

Side Parts

Another important yet most styled hair of oval-shaped men is side parts cut. The process to obtain this look is simple. Just the hair needs to be split into two parts on a 2:1 ratio. One side should be bigger than the other side of the hair. If you visit a saloon in rush, then this cut will be the best choice.

Faux Hawk

If you are an ardent fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, then this style should be well-known to you. In this hairstyle, the top of the hair from front to back stands erect. The style is called faux hawk as it resembles the style of mohawks. The interesting feature of this cut is that it can be changed from professional to punk and vice versa.


If you love to stay in a trendy elegant look, then undercut can satisfy your demand. It looks great both in long and short hair styling options. An interesting fact about undercut is that this style is a fashion from the 1910s and still it rules as the best haircut for the oval-shaped face. Although in the 20th-century undercuts were the best option of formal occasion, now it has gone far from the root.

Wrapping Up

Are you planning for a Haircut Melbourne? Then CAST salon welcomes you! We have built up our reputation by offering quality service for about 20 years. Our hairstylists are professional in their work and so you can walk out of the shop with full satisfaction.

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