Do You Really Need A DUI Or Litigation Lawyer?


Whenever you need an attorney, there are quite a lot of aspects to consider and a bunch of things to search for. Aside from that, there are many distinct kinds of lawyers. The types of situations they deal with include a wide spectrum of scenarios.

A DUI lawyer may assist you in navigating the legal process if you have been accused of a traffic offence. He will explain the legislation that underpins the charge, the highest punishment that may be imposed, what the police or prosecution must show, and the defences to these accusations.

A litigation lawyer, on the other hand, attempts to resolve disagreements amicably but recognises that litigation is an inescapable aspect of life sometimes. A litigation lawyer works closely with his clients to ensure that they are completely informed on what to anticipate in court, and they have a successful track record in litigating issues.

Reasons You Need A DUI Lawyer

There is a legal procedure the police has to follow when they stop and arrest someone. You have legal rights in these situations and a DUI lawyer can make sure your right’s protection by going through and presenting what has happened the moment traffic stopped and you were stopped and arrested.

In this situation, if your lawyer thinks that your rights were violated and you were not stopped or arrested the way legal procedure says, he will fight for your claim and also has the right to collect pieces of evidence like camera recordings etc.

The police do not have complete freedom to do anything. There are legal procedures they have to follow and can only act in particular ways towards you as the law says so. A DUI lawyer can make sure the legal procedures were followed and if the police violated any law, your lawyer will and shall use the evidence in your defence.

You are not only engaging with the court when you get a DUI; you are also dealing with the DMV. In most DUI situations, your licence will be suspended. The attorney general’s office is unable to assist you with civil licence suspension concerns; only a private DUI lawyer can assist you. If you wish to appeal the DMV licence suspension, you just have a few days to do so before you lose your chance.

Reasons You Need A Litigation Lawyer

Although you could have a rudimentary understanding of the legal and civil litigation processes, you will need the assistance of somebody familiar with the field’s ins and outs.

Your litigation lawyer can assist you in navigating the law and your case, from clarifying the small print in any papers relevant to your case to assist you in understanding the legal repercussions of any and all actions.

If you are thinking about launching a case, you should talk to a lawyer first. Litigation attorneys understand which cases are likely to succeed and are familiar with all of the procedures, methods, and documentation that must be completed.

Some matters are best managed through negotiation, but a litigation lawyer may advise you about what to do because they don’t want to waste time in court either.

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