Dual Shower Head


Shower Pressure and Spray Settings

Using innovative Waterpik ® technology, our dual showerheads deliver the pressure and power you want for your shower.

dual shower head offer different spray settings, including Power Pulse therapeutic shower massage, powerful and invigorating Power Spray+, mist, and maximum flow.

Much More Than Just a Shower

With the combination of a handheld shower and a fixed-mounted shower head, you have many options. Easily switch from a relaxing full-flow jet to a targeted therapeutic shower massage or an invigorating spray.

If your showerhead is equipped with the Power Pulse System with Therapeutic Force Massage, you can experience all of the clinically proven health and wellness benefits, including relief from muscle tension, joint pain, stress, and more. If your shower head is equipped with Power Spray+ technology, you’ll enjoy a powerful and invigorating shower experience every day, regardless of the flow rate.

Buy a quality budget shower  head

Here’s where to find your anti-limescale showerheads, our super economic shower head with an adjustable jet will be your daily ally to manage your daily water consumption. Equipped with anti-limestone balls, also called eco-thermal balls, your water consumption will drop considerably, by using them. We can also note the high quality of this showerhead, equipped with a stainless steel shower head with chrome finishes. Also equipped with quality pins.

This anti-limescale ball showerhead uses powerful ionic filtration thanks to the minerals present in these eco-thermal balls which will clean all impurities present in the water, and thus protect your skin. The anti-limescale shower head has 3 adjustable jet modes for the water pressure: Choose for your shower head,  rain mode (rain shower), spa mode, or even high-pressure mode (massage). Change the water pressure to your liking according to your preference.

Photo of a showerhead

Completely mobile at the end of its hose, the showerhead, or shower pear, is taken in the hand to shower as well as to rinse the shower. It is a must-have in the bathroom.

It is generally made of ABS or plastic, chrome, transparent, or colored. It exists in many varied styles and shapes (square, rectangular, etc.). Its format is generally standard (15 × 21 mm) to adapt to the shower hoses available on the market.

What jets for his showerhead?

photo of a dripping shower head

The showerhead is chosen above all on its number of jets, ranging from single to 5 jets.

The single jet pommel performs very well, with a large number of holes well distributed over the entire surface.

The multi-jet showerhead, meanwhile, satisfies all desires since everyone can choose their type of shower. Knowing that the larger the surface of the hand shower, the less there will be a feeling of power.

The change of jet is done by rotating the head of the showerhead (a pictogram indicates the type of jet selected), or sometimes via a press button. For a different sensation and comfort, choose the jet that best suits your expectations. , among :

What other criteria for choosing a showerhead?

Photo of a hand holding a showerhead

It is also important to take into account a few essential elements:

the ergonomics of the handle: the shower heads are designed to ensure a good grip. However, some straight or rectilinear models favor design over ergonomics. Others have a silicone part for better grip under the fingers. the number of pins (prefer anti-limestone): the more pins there are, the more possibilities there are for jets, and the less limescale will settle.

the weight of the showerhead: ABS is lighter than plastic, which is particularly comfortable during the shower.

design: all styles are available, it’s up to you to find yours: zen, pencil, natural, ergonomic…

the shower hose: the showerhead can be supplied with or without a hose.

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