Health Insurance, What Do You Offer?


There are many health insurance. That is why finding the one that best suits your needs can be complicated. Knowing what the different health insurances on the market offer you allows you to freely compare the different proposals. Below we show you in broad strokes, what health insurance usually offers.

Possibility of choosing a doctor or center

This freedom of choice may be more or less limited depending on the area and the agreements that the mutual has established. Depending on the type of insurance, you may also have more or less freedom: the most contracted insurances are those with a medical guide , in that case, the best way to know the centers and doctors available is to consult the medical guide section of their website ( see FIATC medical guide here ).

But if what you want is total freedom of choice , there are also reimbursement insurance, which allow access to any professional or center even if it is not found in the company’s medical guide. Then, the mutual returns to the insured the amount paid or part of it. When deciding on one option or another, it is convenient to assess the costs, since reimbursement insurance is usually more expensive and has certain limits.


This is an increasingly important area in health insurance and companies offer numerous coverage in this regard since they have understood that it is necessary to respond to the growing interest of the population in health care. We talk about gynecological, urology, cardiology check-ups from a certain age, annual general check-ups for adults, general prevention programs, pediatric check-ups, vaccination and newborn check-ups or even medical check-ups to obtain or renew the license of lead.

Primary medicine and direct access to specialists

Private health insurance allows visits to family doctors, pediatricians and childcare providers, as well as to nursing services. In addition, to be able to directly access a specialist, a prior prescription from the family doctor is not necessary. This is one of the advantages of medical insurance that brings more comfort to its insured, together with the flexibility of schedules and the possibility of choosing centers . Even so, it is important to have a reference doctor, an expert who knows us and can guide us, especially in family medicine, pediatrics and gynecology.


It is important to consult in advance which emergency centers are available in the medical guide and if we have those that offer us the most confidence and those closest to our home or workplace. On the other hand, more and more insured persons value the home assistance service by a doctor very positively , a benefit that offers tranquility since with a single call we are attended by a doctor who solves our doubts and schedules a visit if necessary. . Health insurance usually also includes ambulance and emergency assistance services abroad .

Tests, interventions, treatments and hospitalization

The comfort, speed and accessibility of services, with relatively flexible hours and without long waits is one of the advantages of health insurance that becomes evident when a doctor requests a test to make a diagnosis or when an intervention or intervention is scheduled. treatment. The possibility of choosing a center and therefore of opting for those that offer us the most innovative means, is also important.  Health insurance usually includes the simplest tests, such as analysis or radiology, to the most sophisticated ones such as the neuronavigator., a procedure that offers highly detailed information in 3D and therefore allows for much more precise neurosurgical operations. In this sense, many insurances also include newer interventions that provide improvements in the quality of lifeof people like the laser operation for vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Regarding the treatments, what we can expect from our health insurance is that it includes rehabilitation treatments, be they physiotherapy, cardiology, pelvic floor or pain treatments; radiation therapy and chemotherapy; treatment of kidney problems (hemodialysis and artificial kidney); urological and dermatological treatments to name a few. Let us remember, provided that the inclusion of interventions, tests and treatments in the insurance will depend on the modality, since basic insurance usually has limitations in hospital services and they do not include everything that requires admission or hospitalization, so the number of tests and treatments available is more restricted.

Follow-up of pregnancy and delivery

Many people begin to think of private health insurance as an option when they want to have children , since they value very positively the comfort in the service, the spaces, and the follow-up during pregnancy, the assistance in the delivery and the comfort in the stay after this and they want to be able to have the pediatric services of their medical team, essential in the first years of a child’s life . In this sense, a health insurance usually includes the visits and ultrasounds necessary to monitor the pregnancy, tests such as Triple Screening or EBA Screening, the usual analytics and special tests in case of risky pregnancy such as Test Analytics Prenatal that can replace, in a less invasive way, amniocentesis. Most companies establish grace periods for this type of service, that is, a period of time during which the service cannot be accessed after contracting . For this reason, it is important to plan our hiring well and carry it out as soon as possible to avoid these limitations.

Caring as well as curing

The most important step that medical insurance is taking is aimed at becoming true health insurance, oriented towards a more global conception of health, ceasing to be simply intermediaries with medical service providers to become a comprehensive health service, with the incorporation of services that are more aimed at caring as well as healing and that include well-being, physical and emotional, tranquility and care for people.

  • Dental insurance . Basic dental services such as check-ups, hygiene, X-rays, studies or extractions are usually included, while there are certain franchises to access others at advantageous price conditions.
  • Prosthesis. Some companies set limits on the amount of prostheses included.
  • Psychology. Emotional health is health too. More and more companies include psychology services in their insurance.
  • Nutritional orientation. Knowing the guidelines and monitoring our eating habits can be very useful at a time when our rhythm of life prevents us from eating well on many occasions.
  • Assistance abroad. It is advisable to observe the limits on the amounts and services included.
  • Family planning.
  • Assisted reproduction.
  • Second medical opinion.

Assistance, attention and information services

In addition to the “what”, it is also convenient to know the “how”, the means of contact, information, assistance and management that our mutual offers us, such as 24-hour telephones, email, website, own app or exclusive website for clients. Most insurances have all these systems, with a 24-hour telephone medical service. and digital means to carry out administrative procedures and procedures with agility. Now that you have a certain notion of what health insurance can offer you, you should move on to the next step: research and choose the health insurance that best suits your needs. To then compare them and choose the most appropriate one. At FIATC, we offer you Medifiatc health insurance. An insurance that does not understand schedules or waiting. An insurance that seeks to improve your well-being and quality of life.

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