How to Get Good Impressions With the Help of Embossers?


Most diplomas and many legal documents are certified by the application of embossers. The process is called embossing and the machine used is embossing. Ambassadors are also used to create an advanced return address on invitations and to personalize books. Embossing can be done directly on paper or on self-adhesive foil wafers if not thick. The wafer is peeled off the paper liner and placed on the paper.

The process is easy to understand. The electronic image file is sent to a laser that carves positive and negative colours. On positive colour, the white or non-embossed part of the image burns, increasing the darker part of the image. The negative colour is then laser and the black or raised area is burned, leaving the image as a depression in colour. The black image has slightly wider strokes so there is room for paper. Attached to two dyes and a dye holder, which slides in and out of the embosser.

Multiple embossing dyes

You can get multiple colors on the color holder and switch to change the image. Thus, embossing stamps can emboss different images by swapping dice. Colors are interchangeable between ambassadors that have the same manufacturer and lug. The neck is the maximum distance from the center of the image to the edge of the paper. Seals come in handheld, desk, long reach (2.5 inches), and extended long reach (4.5 inches). Embossing stamps for your company seal avoid very cheap embossers as some embossers do not have parallel colors and the image is heavy on one side and disappears on the other side.

Embossing Stamps Melbourne

The hand of the ambassador is the direction in which the paper is placed. If the ambassador comes from the bottom up, the hand is down. Below is the default. You must specify the hand when ordering and it is not adjustable. If you bounce from the right side with the lower arm embosser, the image will be sideways. If you emboss with an embosser from the top of the page, the image will be inverted. Foil wafers make the hand irrelevant as it is peeled from the conductor and attached to the document.

Utilities of embossers

Embossers are designed to emboss lighter text weighted papers. 20 pounds of text is usable but 28 pounds and above can cause problems. The thicker the paper, the harder it will be to pick up. Negative dye needs to be cut deeper and wider to allow thicker paper and there are serious limitations on the thickness of the paper. The paper is not stretchable and embossing often results in micro-fractures in the resulting image. Foil wafers on the other hand are more resilient so they do not micro-fracture like paper.


The image on the photocopy of the document does not look good when embossed directly on the paper. Here’s a 2-inch round solid inkpad that might help. You hold it by the flip-up handle and lightly touch the ink surface with the raised embossing so that the raised part turns black.

Be sure to underline the font used first. This makes the font a part of the graphic and not the reference font on your computer (which may not be on the factory computer where the ambassador is made). I’ve seen images submitted in RGB, CYMK or grayscale that looked like black and white but didn’t work. Select the bitmap mode in Photoshop and see what happens to the image. If the black salt and pepper breaks into a pattern, you’re dealing with a shade of brown. Replace grey with true black.

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