Know more about Google’s MUM update and its impacts!


It has not been many years when Einstein had famously said that the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Seems as if Google is playing all its cards upon Einstein. Every day webmasters wake up curious about what new will Google release today. Truth is truth after all. We all know how frequent Google is about keep making changes in its algorithms. But this time the change is big. The words are around that Google has revealed its latest technological marvel called MUM update. They say it is 1000x times more powerful than its BERT update. And who would not want to know more about it? After all, around 93% of total internet searches get done on Google. People are worrying if it would impact their blogs or not! The experts from Blurn shared their wisdom around it, which we will share in this article. See More about Blurn and how it works here.

What is Google’s MUM update? — Know more!

Many are calling this a technological revolution that would change how we use the internet. But what actually is this talk of the town that people want to know more about?

MUM simply stands for Multitask Unified Model. The general idea from its title implies that it will involve multitasking and some sort of unification. But what?

Google has emphasized this millions of times that its sheer focus is the user intent and user experience. What use is the technology of when it can’t even resolve the user queries straightaway? Thus, to serve justice to many vexed users, this MUM update has arrived wearing its revolutionary cape! But before this, we first must look at a few of the technologies that Google has been working upon for quite a long. These few technologies are,

  • The LaMDA program technology.
  • The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Natural Language Processing and Semantic Learning.

So what all are they and how do they relate to the MUM update? Read below to know more!

Google’s technologies around MUM.

So Google saw that people are still roaming here and there after so many updates to seek some solution. The thing is that websites and blogs come never apt of understanding the actual intent and thus offer the specific solution. Imagine going to a Guru, asking him/her about how to run fast, and listening to him speaking about different types of soles and the fashion around them? This is why it was working upon so many breath-taking technologies to understand a user and serve the perfect solution.

Back in the times it had released its BERT update. It stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and works upon understanding language and thus resolving the issues. BERT was good. It helped Google understand what user means and what the content over websites mean, so it could make a match between two. But it was still weak.

It was found out that many websites showed if they provide the solution but actually do not come to the point that the user needs. They somehow aim at hooking the user for long enough. This gave birth to technologies that improved A.I., NLP, and LaMDA, which ultimately led to MUM.

How does MUM update work?

Here are few facts about MUM that you first need to know more about and keep in mind:

  • MUM is 1000 times stronger, effective, and efficient than Google’s BERT.
  • This technology can now understand 75 languages and work through all 75 at the same time.
  • It performs colossal multitasking in the background to serve you the perfect answer.

Now, what should we make out of this? Imagine seeing God before you. Your first idea would be like you can ask God anything using the very natural way you talk in. You don’t have to use technically framed questions to make him understand. How wonderful it would be? MUM is somewhat like God. Now you would be able to ask questions using your natural language and Google will try serving you a perfectly weaved answer using millions of blogs at once. Suppose you ask Google “What is it like to live in Alaska for someone who lives in Australia?”. Now what? The MUM update will first understand your intent and then start surfing and comparing many blogs to weave a perfect answer for you. How?

The ways MUM update will serve you the solution for above example!

  • It will first know that you live in India.
  • It will also know your desire to live in Alaska.
  • Then it will go through the content on various websites and try understanding what it is like to live in Australia.
  • Then it will do the same for Alaska.
  • It will then compare these two place, know their climate, people, language, food, water, rules, etc.
  • Then it will answer you like someone who has lived at both the places. It will answer like “For someone who has lived in Australia, the drastic shift in temperature could be worrisome. It is thus advised to be prepared. Also, the life in Alaska is laid-back and thus for those who love the bustling city streets of Australia, it might seem boring. However, nature is wonderful.

Consider it like some lord who has all the wisdom in its banks and understands you well. If you want to see more about Blurn through its eyes, it would understand your issue and try easing you down with solutions!

MUM and the Language barrier!

Also, it has removed the language barrier that was there before. It is a multi-modal technology. If somebody in the native Alaskan language has written something that could be crucial to your visit, it would translate it at the same time and present it before you in the language you understand. Beautifully bombastic! So, does this mean that blogs and websites would be of no use?

Another good thing is that you could click a picture using Google, suppose an umbrella, and ask if you could use it in Alaska. Google will understand it and thus suggest you some answers besides some tips and further suggestions.

Know more about how MUM would impact your website!

Many are fearing that it will make their current website fall useless. However, it is not so. It will work for the queries that it thinks that none of the websites seem to be answering well. Consider the question we have used above. Now no website would write a blog about what it is like for an Australian to live in Alaska. This will make Google’s MUM come at the service and help the query out because the question is genuine.

When writing your blogs, make sure you write high-quality content that genuinely aims at providing the solutions that the title speaks of. If you are looking to make a beating around the bush, then get ready to see some downfall. The days to come are going to be full of quality and comfort. Always aim at providing quality and straight-to-the-point answers. If the blog is about “See More about Blurn” then the blog should speak more about Blurn.

Furthermore, Google is yet to reveal many things around it. It is an algorithmic revolution and has little to do with your SEO strategies, as far as is the current knowledge. Thus, do not fall into the scams speaking of taking you over MUM update to number 1 rank in SERP. Be wary of tricksters around. Blurn said that it will be hard to tell all about it until its release, which is around early 2022! Click here if you want to see more about Blurn and how it has been offering expertise to the businesses around for years.

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