Reasons Why Teachers Should Get Hold of Rubber Stamps


The role of teachers in a school is much more than just educating the kids with their academic curriculum. They are responsible for organizing events for kids and sending out circulars, banners, templates, and invitations to them all. And not just that, but in terms of grading the students on their examination reports, it becomes difficult for teachers to write down or type out the grades for each student for all of their subjects. Therefore, they need specific teacher rubber stamps to take off the hassle! Therefore, here is a brief explanation of all of the reasons why teachers should get hold of rubber stamps. These reasons will specify the purpose of way of using the respective stamps.

Custom Teacher Stamps

  1. Save the Grading Time

    Some of the personalized feedback on students’ performance can be prepared beforehand. For instance, if a student scores the maximum marks, then you can use the stamp with the text, “Excellent Performance”. If a student needs improvement, then you can print the stamp that says, “Needs Improvement”.

    You cannot type out the personalized feedback upon every report card, as you might be dealing with 60 students in just one class. Just like that, you can also use the “Pass” or “Fail” stamps for stating the results over individual assignment papers. If the student has crossed the passing marks, then you can print the “Pass” stamp over it or just use the “Fail” stamp. It will save you a lot of manual writing time!

  1. Create Name Tags

    As a teacher, it might be your responsibility to tag each of the desks with the respective student names. It might not look tidy and organized if you are using marker pens to do the needful. Instead, you can count on using the teacher rubber stamps with specified names engraved over the base. Print them over the desks with long-lasting ink.

    Apart from that, the examination centers often have shuffled seats for all the children, based on their roll numbers. This printing technique of name-tagged custom teacher stamps can be used for serving the purpose. These name tags can also be kept aside with the teacher for rewarding good performance or behavior.

    Small kids get really excited when they see colorful praising remarks on their diaries or their answer sheets. Every time you feel like one of your students is worth praise, then print their name tag with excellent feedback over their diary or a corrected answer sheet.

  1. Decorations of Student Invitations

    Some of the school events are organized for kids to have a rejuvenation period in hand. And, in most of the events, kids are invited with their parents. Therefore, it is important to send out an invitation to all of the kids during their school periods.

    Therefore, having name tags will help you address each of the kids in your classroom. Apart from that, you can also prepare some abstract or fun-like rubber stamps to add more glam to a normal invitation.

Teacher Rubber Stamps


These are just a few of the reasons that promote the use of custom teacher stamps on high priorities. Apart from that, the teachers have many more genuine and creative reasons to switch to stamps, overwriting things down. If you are a teacher, then it is time you should count on working hard but with a pinch of smartness.

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