Top Ten Tips for Body Transformation Workout Program


You’ve seen the success stories of that wonderful physical transformation on amazing fitness magazines and fitness websites. You ask yourself, are these people real? Did he really do that with 60-day body transformation challenge? How did they do it in 12 weeks?

1: Be smart!

When you know exactly what body transformation goals you want to achieve, you are more likely to succeed. SMART is short for:

  • S-Special (What do I want to achieve?)
  • M-Measurable (How do I measure my progress?)
  • A-Achieved (Is my fitness goal real?)
  • R-Related (What’s important to me?)
  • T-Time (set a deadline)

For example, instead of just saying “I want to lose weight” there would be a smart goal: “I want to lose 2 kg every 3 weeks (8 kg in 12 weeks in total) because I can fit in my old clothes.” I want to be , Be more confident. And have more power to live with my children. “


2: Use the most productive exercises

Resistance training is the most important component of a body transformation workout program, although not all exercises are created equal. Multi-joint, combination exercises like presses, rows, pull downs, squats and lungs should include most of your workouts as they have the greatest impact on your body fat burning metabolism and fat loss programs: understanding the relationship of food and exercise.

3: Keep your workouts short and intense

With less than 4 hours of total exercise per week, some of the most spectacular changes in the body have been achieved. It is the intensity of your workout that produces the real results – not how much time you work out.

4: Quit traditional cardio and switch to interval training

A scientific study conducted by experts found that short-term workouts burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional ‘go slow’ cardio workouts. So, forget about walking on the treadmill for hours and get the job done in half time with 9x results!


5: Avoid short-term thoughts

Take a longer-term approach instead of thinking of your body transformation program as just “60-day body transformation challenge.” In other words, look at your body transformation program as a step towards healthy exercise and nutritional habits that can be maintained for a lifetime.

6: Track Your Progress

Seek the help of a fitness professional at regular intervals to record your measurements and track your progress. Not only does it serve as an excellent motivating tool, but it also helps you stay accountable.

7: Cycle your carbohydrates

You need to understand your carbohydrates in-take, as you weight loss without carbs, you might be tired and may experience fatigue. Cycling your carbohydrates (even when you’re doing everything right) and incorporating planned cheat meals starts your body’s fat-burning metabolism so you can continue to lose weight week after week.


8: Be consistent

An excellent body transformation workout program is all about achieving consistency. It also includes:

  • Working 5 or 6 days per week – every week
  • Eating small and frequent meals
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Prepare your meals and keep the right nutrients on hand
  • Keep a food and / or nutrition diary
  • Scattered workouts and inconsistent nutrition will give the best average results.

9: Have a support system

Share your fitness goals with your friends, family and close acquaintances. When you surround yourself with positive influences, you are less likely to stray from your body transformation program.

10: Take action!

It is one thing to have good intentions but quite another to take action. Do not succumb to delays. Decide to be part of a minority that takes steps to pursue their body transformation goals.

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