What Are The Maintenance Tools For Artificial Turf Geelong?


Artificial turf is a boon to the weekly to-do list, and it’s pretty easy to maintain after it’s been properly mounted. To have a great-looking artificial lawn, you don’t need a lot of equipment or time. After the initial costs of buying and building the turf, you can look forward to years of lower costs and less effort. You don’t need to do much in terms of cleaning and repairs daily.

Artificial Turf Geelong requires very little maintenance, and sticking to a simple routine maintenance schedule will make all the difference in keeping your artificial grass lawn looking great. Occasionally rinse off dust and dirt, and wipe up any liquid or solid spills or stains as soon as you spot them. Here are a few things you should have on hand to care for your artificial turf.

Cleaning Artificial Turf

Using the hose to rinse your turf is the quickest way to clean it. Pick up any larger bits of garbage, such as pet waste, and dispose of it. You can also mop up liquid spills from the floor with a sponge mop and a little household detergent if necessary.

Removing Stains from Turf

Food and drink stains, as well as stains from pets and natural occurrences such as mud, may all cause stains. You should be able to extract the stain with a hose or a basic household detergent-water mixture, depending on the type of stain. For more difficult stains, combine ammonia and water. Many that are worried about the environment’s dignity may want to look for their favorite biodegradable soap.

Brushing Artificial Turf for Aesthetic purposes

Brushing the artificial turf with a synthetic bristle brush is the final move in preserving it. The turf can be damaged, particularly in high-traffic areas where a lot of people walk or play. You will restore the aesthetics of the grass and keeps it looking soft and full for longer by brushing it.

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Some of the essential tools for preserving Artificial Turf Geelong 

  • Plastic Rake

When maintaining artificial turf, never use equipment with steel points or spikes. These tools can easily rip the mesh backing from your artificial grass lawn, causing permanent harm. Instead, for quick leaf cleanup in the fall, use rakes with plastic sticks.

  • Electric Leaf Blower

Many electric leaf blowers today have the same amount of power as most gas-powered leaf blowers. They even remove artificial grass debris quickly and efficiently without the fumes or ear-piercing noise.

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Dirt, soil, and stains may build up on artificial grass and require more than a simple hosing to remove. Green cleaners with no abrasive chemicals are excellent choices for stain removal. Simply use a sponge dampened with your preferred eco-friendly cleaner to blot the stained spot. Gently rub the stain until it disappears, then rinse with cold water. Cleaners that are caustic, acidic, or contain bleach should never be used.

  • Artificial Turf Brush

You can also purchase a turf brush or broom with synthetic bristles when you have your artificial grass lawn built. Cross brush areas with a lot of foot traffic with this brush. With frequent usage, artificial grass will become trampled, but cross brushing can help it stand straight again and avoid fading or wear from overuse.

Brushing artificial grass blades can help to keep them in good shape. The matting that occurs as a result of overuse will cause the blades to break down and change their appearance over time. Cross brushing, on the other hand, will help to mitigate this harm while also extending the life and beauty of your artificial lawn.

Wrapping Up! 

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