3 Star Accommodations and Hotels in Melbourne


If you’re planning to visit Melbourne for the first time and looking for a budget-friendly hotel, you can get the list of 3 star hotels in Melbourne from the following lines. These hotels are especially suitable for budget-traveler. Surely, these hotels never allow you to sacrifice quality just for a cracking price.

There are no such boring hotels in Melbourne. With your incredible sights, you can feel the home like the hotel at your budgetary savings. If you’re going with digital transactions, you need not feel a bit scared to look at your bank balance. Read on to this article to find the list of budgetary 3-star hotels in Melbourne.

The Langham

This hotel is located at One Southgate Avenue, South Bank, VIC. Within this hotel, you can find the features of the Indoor pool, health club, and additional things. Especially, they offer a restaurant and a café/coffee shop within the Hotel. You can enjoy the wireless internet with high-security features. On the site, there is a bar/lounge located for the guests who can unwind with a drink. They are offering services that are similar to five-star hotels at an affordable rate for customers. Surprisingly, the hotel has designated areas for smoking purposes.

Ibis Melbourne

The location of this hotel is 399 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. It is just near to the stroll of Emporium Melbourne and Melbourne Central. The highlights about this hotel are their included restaurant and in-room free secured WiFi. Within the rooms of the hotel, you can find almost luxury features that are essential for every visitor. The room service will be available for 24X7, then what you are looking for. Even, a free cancellation system is also available for this hotel when you order on a suitable site.

Naughtons Hotel

The hotel is located in the heart of Melbourne that is connected with multiple roads and locations of victoria markets and hospitals. The rooms in the hotel are available with smart tea/coffee to let the visitors prepare their expected level of coffee. The overlook of the hotel is Royal and open for lunch and dinner. Additionally, you can find traditional pub meals with the local and ethical sourced procedure. You can use the free WiFi and rooms with air conditioning. There is an opportunity for people to book rooms at a great price.

Discovery Parks 

On the location of 129 Ashley Street, Baybrook, VIC, you can find this hotel. The popular amenities that you can acquire from this hotel are a Swimming pool, Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning-room, Laundry services, and Microwave within the areas. Especially, you can taste almost all food types from the safest kitchen. The parking area is available only on request. The clean and hygienic rooms will surely make you attracted and high security will save you from any issues. The smoke detectors are attached to the Hotel.

Final Thoughts

Think you get the three-star accommodated hotels in Melbourne that are suitable for your budget trip from the top to bottom of this article. Make use of it to find the opportunity to go around the city.

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