5 Types Of People Rescue Boat Should Have OnBoard


A rescue boat is defined as a boat that rescues a person and a boat in distress. It is kind of a first help to take people out of marine emergencies. Rescue boats are usually small boats, inflatable or rigid, that carry five to six people. They are often present on stand-by near the shore or even patrolling in case someone needs help.

Rescue boats serve the purpose of emergency relief and to help boats and people reach shore safely. While rescue team members should know the basics of a rescue mission, there are certain skills they need to know. These skills can make a rescue mission even more successful.

A crew of a rescue boat should include someone who can fight without a weapon, in case a boat is forcefully occupied. There should be medical staff who can provide first aid to the injured. Good communication and strong negotiation skills can be helpful in many ways. Five skills that the crew of a rescue boat should possess are mentioned below.

1. Skilled MMA Personal

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (bjj) are learned skills. It may happen sometimes that a boat has been sabotaged by thieves. To relieve members of that boat from this tension, a rescue team member should be able to fight back thieves and looters without any weapons. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to do so. It is not just another self-defense technique but also an effective one.

2. Medical Staff

A rescue boat crew should include at least one person who knows the techniques of resuscitation. He needs not be a professional doctor, but someone who knows how to provide first aid. If someone on board is having a heart attack or is having trouble breathing, this rescue team member should know what to do in such a panicking situation. Apart from that, this person must be educated enough to provide relief to injured passengers as well.

3. Marine Engineer

Marine Engineers should also be included in the crew of the rescue boats. A marine engineer is a person who knows how the craft’s engine works. He can relieve any boat from technical difficulties like engine failure. Even if for a short period, he can manage to restart the boat and help its way to the shore. He must also know the operating systems of different brands of boats, yachts, and ships.

4. Good Communicator

Crew members of a rescue boat should have good communication skills. They should not only know the marine language but also know how to calm passengers in distress. If there are children on board, crew members know how to ease them out in troubling times. Only people with good communication skills can handle such situations in a better way.

5. A Negotiator

A rescue boat tries to rescue people in any type of emergency. Say a boat has been forcefully occupied by pirates or looters, there should be a person in the rescue boat who knows how to negotiate. A successful rescue mission is one in which life and property are recovered. A good negotiator knows how to technically handle such situations. He can successfully negotiate life and property from trouble makers.

Bottom Line

Rescue boats have the sole purpose of relieving those who are stuck in stressful situations in the water. These stressful situations have a broad horizon. There may be a medical emergency, a technical difficulty, or threats from trouble makers. Crew members of a rescue boat should be skilled to counter such scenarios.

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