How To Choose The Correct Type of Office Chair


The humble office chairs is actually an element that most people take for granted, simply due to the fact that they are always there and most people only pay attention to the office chair when they break, or the wheel comes off.

However, it is fact that in actual reality, the office chair plays a very crucial role in the lives of the average office worker as they affect our productivity and have a direct impact on our physical and mental health as well.

In the current modern era, we see a wide variety of office chairs that serve different purposes or needs of the range of occupations and types of task that an office worker is subjected to. This article explores the various and most common types of office chairs with special focus on the ergonomic office chair.

The first chair that we will examine is the drafting chair which compliments tall desks that are used by architects and artists who are able to sit or stand without their work being interrupted. These chairs serve their purpose well, however they are not ergonomic in any way.

Then there is the executive office chair which is also not ergonomic, but expensive nevertheless due to the superior material that are used for stuffing and padding, these chairs are also covered by genuine leather. Next, we have the mesh office chair which in essence is all about breathability and perfect for those who sweat a lot even whilst sitting down.

The next chair is generally used by those who home from home and more suited for home offices. The balance ball chair which is also often referred to as the yoga ball chair may look a little whacky for an office setting, but these chairs have a load of health benefits to offer users. However unlike ergonomic office chairs, they can only be used for about 20 minutes each time to reap the benefits which include strengthening of leg muscles, enhance blood circulation and burn calories without compromising productivity.

Prolonged use of balance ball chairs (more than 20 minutes each time) is not recommended as they could lead to poor posture and also cause fatigue when used for more than an hour. Another fancy type of chair that is also not meant to be used for extended periods of time is the ‘kneeling chair’ which divides the body weight to the shins and bottom, this in turn helps reduce lumbar issues and prevents spinal compression.

However, as mentioned, this chair is not meant to be used for extended periods of time as the kneeling office chair restricts leg movement and places constant stress on the shins leading to pain after an hour.

In summary, there so many different types of other chairs other than the ones mentioned above such as saddle chairs, petite chairs, active sitting chairs, sit-stand chairs etcetera, however most of these chairs are suited for ‘short run’ or short duration use and not recommended for long term use, except for the ergonomic office furniture which has been designed for long term sitting.

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