Getting the New Attractive Short Fringe Haircut- Trending Haircut for Men


Undoubtedly, almost all men’s hairstyles get pushed up and over. While men do not have much interest in getting their hair dressed, but they still want to carry a look. The new-age generations are quite different. After the evolution of technology, and expansion of social media, you can find several men trying out new hair trends from several hair salon in Moonee Ponds. The variation in distinctive hairstyle adds a different element to their characteristics.

The fringe haircut has also been in the buzz among all those hairstyles. Fringe is usually a straightforward haircut that neither looks too loud nor dull. If you are a fringe hairstyle fan, this blog will help you know about several fringe haircuts that you can attain at hair extensions services and hair salon offers much more than you know. So, keep reading to explore the different types of fringe hairstyles.

Top fringe hairstyles that you must try out in 2022!

Fringe with Straight textured

This is for all those boys who want a casual yet perfect haircut for themselves. This haircut has also appeared as Fashion Week’s most popular hairstyle. To achieve this hairstyle, you must keep long hair towards the fringe and shorter hair towards the crown. You should request your barber to use the slide-cutting approach whenever you go to a salon. This is an approach that adds textures and movement to the hair. You should also ask your barber for a heavy blend, as it will make your texture more visible. The haircut looks great when you have a short back and side hair.

  1. Fringe with textured crop blunt 

    This is a hairstyle that is an amalgamation of classy and modern-day looks. In this hairstyle, men will get variations in their looks. If you want this hairstyle, you should ask your hair salon in Moonee Ponds to determine a fringe point that matches better with your face and compliments it. You should also ask your barber to add plenty of movements and texture to your fringe. The texture crop fringe grasps everyone’s attention if you have got it right. People with a low-mid skin fade will get great compliments in this hairstyle.

  2. Thomas Shelby Fringe haircut 

    This is a fringe hairstyle that has quite become identical to the front-runners of peaky blinders. If you want to wear a look that looks quite similar to Tommy Shelby, then you must try this haircut on you. It looks quite harsh and offers you a rough look. The fringes, although, have a complete disconnection from the sides and back. If you wish, you can have a beard with this haircut, but without a beard, this hairstyle compliments your face. Most men who don’t want a fierce look with disconnection from side and back can try out a textured side and back. You must ask your hairstylist to offer you a blend.

  3. Fringe with a messy wave 

    This is another iconic hairstyle that you must try this New Year. You can both wear up, down, and across. It better suits men who have curly or wavy hair. You can ask your Hair Salon Moonee Ponds to have the side and back a bit connected with fringe. It should look apart but shouldn’t offer you a fierce look; you can possess this hairstyle, clean or messy. In all the variations, it looks perfect.


You must try these top fringe hairstyles this year. Let your barber know about your style and attain a makeover if you are a fringe fan.

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