List Out The Various Types Of Tiles Melbourne For Renovate Your Place


Decided to renovate your sweet home? Great! Then purchase the best quality Tiles Melbourne to upgrade your floors and walls. It will help to bring a stylish look to the desired place and have a durable life. If you get to know about the different types of the tiles like ceramic, marble, and more, then it is easy for you to choose the apt one for your house. Ensure to go with the reputed suppliers and installers to renew your home more than you expected. Each type of tile has specific characteristics, according to your desired choice you can go with your preferred option. Here is the list of various types of tiles to boost the appearance of your home.

Ceramic tiles

The ceramic tiles are versatile, easy, and perfect for any kind of room. It is one of the common varieties that are used in more homes, the reason is they have better durability and easy to maintain. It has the white or red clay biscuits with the decorative glaze applied on the surface, then it is heated at high temperature. It is apt for places like bathroom walls and splashes backs that are easy to clean the dirt and soaps. The glazed ceramic tiles have more protection against damage and stains.

Mosaic tiles

Looking for a decorative variety? Then the mosaic tiles are the apt choice for it. This consists of a small piece of tiles that arrange together to give a wonderful aspect. It is made of various materials like glass, stone, and ceramic, which are generally used. This will give you a chance to show your creativity in interior designs. You can find it in numerous sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. When you design your place according to your idea, then it will satisfy you.

Porcelain Tiles Melbourne

Porcelain tile is a great example of clay ceramic tiles. It is made of a high ratio of quartz and silica and fired at a high temperature. This comes with plenty of patterns and colors that you can easily choose your desired option. It is an apt choice for exterior and interior places that will boost the appearance. This is the popular choice for the designers and architectures that will highlight the flooring. This porcelain tile has two types that are glazed and unglazed, pick the one according to your wish.

Tiles Melbourne

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are the majestic type that offers a minimalistic look to the living space. It is easy to clean, and the acidic stains are easily wiped off without any permanent damage and stain. This is available in a small size that can be used in the kitchen backsplash, tabletops, or around the fireplace. It comes with different colors and is suitable for small applications. The glass tiles enhances the living space where you install the tiles elegantly.

Wooden tiles

The wooden tiles are one of the trendy tiles nowadays which have a rich finish. It brings the warmth of the room along with a comfortable feel to you. It is a good choice for flooring in the bedroom and the hallway. It has great durability and is also easy to clean on the surface that decorates the home with a realistic aspect. Most homeowners prefer hardwood tiles for their homes.

Marble tiles

Marble tiles are one of the highly durable stones that are available in various colors. It has multiple finishes and is polished to smooth. The marble is a unique choice for any kind of room that brings an aesthetic look to the place. The natural stone gives the amazing depth and contrasts that dazzle the aspect.

Final verdicts

When you consider the qualities and specifications of the Tiles Melbourne, then you can easily choose the best one for your home. In our Auzzie tiles, you can get a wide range of varieties to choose from. We give you an assurance that the quality and cost never be burden to anyone. So, no worries, just make a call for us and get your clarifications.

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