5 Best Foods Eat on Your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour?


Best Foods Eat on Your Jaipur Tour

Jaipur, famously known as Pink City is the capital of the state of Rajasthan in India. It is a fascinating land with vivid colors, picturesque fishing architecture, captivating gardens that make it a wonderful travel spot for many tourists. Here are the 5 best foods to eat on your Jaipur sightseeing tour.

Combination of Ancient and Modern Architecture

Once here, you’ll see a combination of ancient and modern architecture that brought Jaipur to the record of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But aside from its magnificent buildings, it’s the food that adds more glory and authenticity to its wealth and royalty. So we have selected the 9 famous Jaipur dishes that are probably only found in the Pink City.

5 Famous Dishes of Jaipur

  • Dal Baati Churma
  • Gatte ki Sabji
  • Lassi
  • Aam ki Launji
  • Chokhani Kheer

Food to Eat on Your Trip to Jaipur

Read all about Jaipur’s most famous dishes and don’t forget to try them. You can find so many beautiful places to visit in Jaipur. So, try these foods to make your trip even more excited.

Dal Baati Churma

Dal, Baati and Churma, are three different foodstuffs but are always served together. This combination makes Rajasthani’s most famous dish, which is mostly found in Jaipur. Renowned as the signature dish of Rajasthan, it is offered at a very reasonable price in Jaipur. Dal is like light curry or soup while Baati is a soft bun with baked bread and Churma is a sweet treat made with flour and sugar. It is a fusion of spices and sweetness. Once you try this delicious combo, you will savor the true authenticity of Rajasthani food.

Gatte ki Sabji

Gatte ki sabzi is really healthy and represents the right traditional taste of the most renowned dishes of Rajasthan. No doubt this is listed under the renowned and traditional Jaipur’s dishes. It consists of pieces of chickpea flour, i.e. Gattas that are fused into a traditional yogurt curry. It’s too easy to cook and tastes great when cooked in pure ghee. This retains the specialty and spiciness of Rajasthani cuisine. Don’t miss this dish as you explore the royalty and archaic pink architecture of the city.


It is the most popular drink among the natives of Jaipur. It is the tastiest drink in summer. Don’t forget to try this creamy and healthy sweet milk. This serves as another great breakfast option that can be labeled well with samosas or kachoris. There are many places where you can get a yummy thick glass of Lassi. But we recommend the Jaipur’s MI road and you will find “the original Lassiwala” there. Try a glass of Lassi from there and you will want to have this again and again.

Aam ki Launji

Although we are almost at the end of the mango season, you can still go for raw mangoes. As Aam ki Launji is a combination of sugar, chili peppers, mustard seeds, and raw mangoes. It’s a fusion of sweet and sour. Usually, many households in Jaipur fill large jars and refrigerate them until the next mango season arrives. This dish beat the amazing stroke from Rajasthan and the dish is one of the famous dishes in Jaipur which you have to eat. Many tourists prefer to take a few jars of Aam ki Launji home with them.

Chokhani Kheer

This is a traditional dessert and is usually baked during a festival or to add a sweet flavor to a big party. In this, milk is a key ingredient of Chokhani Kheer. And it is cooked to celebrate a festival and happiness. This dish is the final dish of the main course of Rajasthan. So don’t forget to try any of Jaipur’s famous dishes while on the go.

So tag your friends and bookmark these famous Jaipur dishes that you must devour once things get better in and around the city.

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