Fantasy Cricket’s Comeback from Covid19:


There were several series and matches that were postponed and cancelled abruptly because of Covid 19. But since the economy is taking a huge hit because of the pandemic, the authorities have decided to bring back your favourite sports. In fact spots like the crazy cricket never left you and it was here all the time. You may wonder how? Well, fantasy cricket applications have been holding the ground for cricket lovers all over India for a long time. Since it’s really unbelievable that like a general, the real cricket is coming back, you also should gear up for fantasy cricket because these would really be going to be a better company for you in the lock down times.

A warm welcoming to the world of cricket in pandemic!

So you might think that no use of talking about cricket when no cricket matches are going on. Well, the good news is that real cricket is making a comeback and that too very soon. The fixtures are already out, and it will be a couple of test match series between any two of the teams. Since all the big players will be coming back on the ground and you do not have to go anywhere as you can have the pleasure of watching cricket at the comfort of your home.

From fantasy to reality:

In general, there is a phenomenon called fantasy cricket where you have to make a team, and you have to imagine or think calculatingly. After deciding the team you have to choose the captain and a vice-captain both of which will assist you to win the match because in fantasy cricket, whatever your captain and vice-captain scores, it gets doubled by 1.5 and 2 which gives you a good result of the total. Besides, you can able to watch the game while you are managing the team at the comfort of your home. In case, if you are a new candidate in the world of fantasy sports, then you can able to update yourself with the knowledge of cricket players, pitches, stadiums and everything that related to cricket.

Cricket was there all the time:

During the lockdown, the fantasy cricket apps were organized trivia and quizzes. Despite, all this made hardly investments, and such platform claimed that all this was more to keep users engaged. The apps are aiming more players to join in and have taken it in turn to the available games. If you want to dabble in the world of fantasy sports than choosing your desired app for fantasy cricket is the best way to do it. You can also win free tickets from the weekly contests, and you are also able to take part in other fantasy sports games like football, volley ball etc.

Final verdict:

The fantasy cricket is a precious present for cricket lovers as well as it might also raise the new players as the players were not out of practice for months now. Thus, it gives the best chance for emerging players and new elements of surprise to fantasy cricket.

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