Top Hair Colour Highlights And Techniques That Are Worth Trying


The Hair Colour Highlights are really good to improve your outlook and bring betterment in your appearance. Hope so, this article will be useful for the people with a passion of trying new styles.

Do you know which is the easiest way to transform your look? It is definitely by experimenting on your hair! Getting hair colored is really refreshing and having fun. Are you eyeing certain lovely hair colors? Do you often search for hair color ideas and highlight ideas? Let it be any color, red, black, or brown. You can find a way to make it attractive with highlights.

Highlights are the ones trending as of now. Some require only a simple makeover, while others look for a drastic change. It is the way of coloring hairs lighter than your natural shades. It gives a stunning contrast to your hair color and also adds dimension to your hair locks. Listed below are the top selected Hair Colour Highlights and technique options that are mostly done by celebrities. There are mainly 5 techniques of color highlighting. Scroll down till the end and get inspired to choose your best suiting hair color highlights.

Types of Hair Colour Highlights:

When you have a thought of doing hair color highlights, there will be a lot of questions and doubts running through the mind. One may surely be in confusion whether to go natural or with vibrant hair colors. Here is the solution for all the worries. Get to know about the major types of hair color highlights.

  • Temporary Hair Color: This type of highlighting hair doesn’t penetrate directly into the hair shaft. And it works only in the outermost layer. They are great and stylish for theme parties and similar happy functions. As it is temporary, it gets to wash off within two or three shampoo washes.
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color: This type of hair color lasts for 4-6 hair shampoo washes. If you want to try new styles and trending ones, this is the best option for highlight type as it contains ammonia.
  • Permanent Hair Color: Permanent hair color last till new hair emerges if it is maintained and cared properly. As ammonia and oxidizers are mixed for doing permanent coloring, it lasts for a longer time. It adds with the selected coloring agent and can be applied to the hair strands.
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Popular Highlight Hair Color Techniques:

There are various gravitate ideas and techniques that one must be aware of when doing hair color highlights. Check on the below article and get to know about the assorted techniques of hair colorists:

  • Lowlights: This technique is mainly used to color the hair strands that are darker than the natural hair shades. It is the opposite of the traditional highlighting technique. It adds dimension to your hair color locks and is wonderful in brown blonde hair shades. Burgundy lowlights are the most popular one that gives a sassy look to the person.
  • Babylights: This highlight is done in the very finest hair strands which will give a beautiful result. It mimics the natural looks of a baby’s look where it is layered into several smaller sections. And the highlight shades are colored accordingly.
  • Ombre: To create a gradient hair color look, this is the best technique used by hair color stylists. Gradually the shades of the color from the roots get lighter to the tip of the hair. Here transition shades are also used in the middle of the hair length.
  • Balayage: This is a natural-looking highlight technique that is popularly used by many. In this style, the colorist paints the hair with hands so as to add depth to the dimension of hair color. This type of highlighting uses more than two or three hair colors for effective results.
  • Dip-Dye: This is a technique used to create a striking contrast between the natural hair color and the colored one. It gives a stark and bold effect. In this style, there will be a darker shade in the roots and lighter shades in the roots where it is absent with transition colors in the middle.
  • Money Piece: It is a face-framing technical highlight. The hair strands on the front that frames your face are only highlighted with varied shades. Mostly, the colors that are different from that of the natural hair color are used here to frame the face. If you are ready to do something unique, this will be the ideal technique of hair color highlight technique.

Final Verdict:

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